so i came to the startling realization today that classes start two weeks from monday, and I’ve yet to talk to any at the University to work out transferring credits, registerring, etc - next week is going to be all kinds of busy for me. I’m considering changing my major from computer science to pre-law. I always wanted to be a lawyer growing up… at the time i was fascinated by criminal law. while i’m not really interested in criminal law anymore, i’m cosidering IP (intellectual property) law very seriously. Looking at the path God has taken me on the past few years, it really seems to hint in this direction…

I had to leave Georgia Tech in Spring 2002 due to health problems and move back to Memphis. This past year, I attended Visible School and majored in music business - having nothing to do with my intended vocation, computer programming, but attending the school for the community aspect and the bible classes. Now as I look at IP law, these things are beginning to make a little sense (or else i’m just trying to make sense out of them)… University of Memphis has a very good law school; if I were still in Atlanta, there would be very little chance that i’d even be considering law. Two of the biggest things IP law deals with, at least that I know about, are software and music - precisely what I studied at GT and Visible. From what I understand, a lot of it is big corporate work (think SCO suing IBM over UNIX source code, RIAA suing napster and others, etc) so I would imagine it would pay fairly well… not that money is really a motivating factor. In addition, for some time now I’ve had the long term goal of going to politics of some sorts and try to help sort out some of the crap that goes on, especially in the education system - both my mother and sister-in-law are teachers, so I hear first hand some of the ridiculousness of the system. I’ve always been out to change the world, and i figure this would be a good place to start.

.. i’m tired now. more on this later if i feel like it, assuming i actually come up with any more to say.

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