dreams, birthdays, and phones


I often have my laptop on a small table next to my bed and leave the music running during the night. Well I had this really weird dream the other night, of which i remember two distinct parts. in the first part, this other guy and i are in front of an arbitrator or sorts arguing our cases. So i’d be talking about whatever and every couple of minutes or so, this guy would interrupt and keep saying the same thing about how he had some kind of contract or something. I thought maybe it was all those legal classes from Visible School coming back to haunt me, but I discovered the next day or so, it was actually the chorus to Switchfoot’s song the loser. apparently, that was the song that was playing while i was dreaming at that moment.

the other part i remember was that i was in the green room for the TechTV show The ScreenSavers with Patrick from the show and a bunch of people that i apparently knew were famous for whatever reason. the main thing i remember was walking out on the set and i went to a back part where there was a kitchen (no, there is no kitchen on the set of The ScreenSavers) and was rinsing my mouth out at the sink while some guy was up near the front singing some Metallica song. I kept trying to spit into the sink, but i couldn’t really spit… i was just kinda drooling into it. That’s when i woke up as i realized i was spitting/drooling on my arm.


so yesterday was my 21st birthday. aside from one friend i called and a few people online, no one wished me happy birthday. not a single family member, none of my friends, notta. i’m not really upset per se… i didn’t do anything special - it was just another day. i just thought it was interesting that not a soul called. hmph.


i’ve got a friend who doesn’t like birthdays and whose cell phone really sucks. well seeing as it is way past her birthday, i was going to get her a new cell phone and call it an “annual, because you are my friend” gift. well damnit, some other friends of her got her a cell phone… and she was really excited about it….. and… well…. damnit. i’m not really sure why i’m all that upset, though. i’m really glad she’s got a new phone cause she’s sure needed one, and i’m sure it was something special coming from who it did. i guess it’s just that the only reason i hadn’t been able to get one yet is b/c i was waiting for the final check from a client. well the only reason i hadn’t gotten the check yet was b/c i was being lazy and hadn’t finished up the project… so it’s really my own damn fault. i guess that’s why i’m upset.

i’m gonna try and write in here more often. i think it keeps me out of trouble. if anyone actually reads this, then get on my case if i don’t update at least 2-3 times a week or so. thanks.

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