i just got my lip pierced… again. I had it pierced a few months ago but had some problems with it, but am trying it again now. It’s in the center this time instead of the side… just decided I liked the look of this better. In other, though somewhat related news, I got a “promotion” at work. I’m not sure that it is really a promotion per se, but rather just a change. Instead of working with any and every random student or faculty member that may call the helpdesk, I now work exclusively with the upper administration - president’s office, VP’s office, some financial workers, etc. It’s promises to be a lot of fun and little challenging. The nicest thing will be having a consistent user base instead of working with different people everyday. This way I can begin to learn the tendencies of each user and get to know them a little. Plus it should look pretty good on a resume. :) Only downside is that I now have to dress up for work a little… polo and slacks or the like. Not my style really, but it’s a small price to pay. I’m not sure how the new lip ring will go over, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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