wordpress, layouts, and URIs


Well, I finally decided to ditch blosxom for a slightly more robust blogging package. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love blosxom and it’s design philosophy… I was just running into too many problems getting plugins to inter-operate and behave exactly as I wanted them too. While I miss being able to just edit entries in vi, wordpress seems to address most all of the big issues I was having with blosxom.


When moving to wordpress, I tried to duplicate the old layout I had but realized it was going to take forever to recreate the template. I ended up making this slightly modified version of Michael Heilemann’s kubrick layout… I’m rather pleased with it. I still want to do a completely custom layout, but this is working in the interim. Hat’s off to Ciro who actually took the photograph at the top and licensed it with a creative commons license.


And finally a small toot of my own horn – because I took the time and effort to generate cool uris when I used blosxom, I was able to switch blogging apps without breaking any links (that I’m aware of). I’m using a completely different system, written in a different language, using a different storage mechanism for the data, and it’s all seamless to the end user – that’s the way URIs were meant to be. If you have ugly URIs, do yourself and the web community a favor – fix them now, (but don’t break your old links). (If you happen to notice any broken or missing links on the new site, please comment below.)

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