new features in wpopenid+

I had a little time to kill this evening here at my office while I’m waiting for some of the Los Angeles holiday weekend traffic to clear out, and I spent a few hours on my little OpenID wordpress plugin. First, I fixed the issue of users not seeing the notification that their comment was awaiting moderation. It turns out, it has do with the weird logic wordpress uses to decide if they authored the comment; certainly a bug as far as I’m concerned and filed accordingly. I provided a simple patch with that bug report to fix the wordpress internal code, but I’ve also patched my plugin to do the same thing using filters in the meantime. That one wasn’t too hard once I found the right place for it, and I feel pretty comfortable with the approach…. it’s not ideal, but it’s at least consistent with how the other internal WP code works in this area.

The second feature I added is definitely a bit more “beta”… there is now a checkbox in the option page to turn off the creation of local wordpress accounts when people comment with their OpenID. This actually didn’t require writing a whole lot of new code, but rather a ton of refactoring of the existing code. This is not quite fully cleaned up, so don’t go installing this in your production environment, but it should be enough to play with it a little and make sure it works like you think it should. An interesting thing to note is that these two features are somewhat mutually exclusive… the bug report I mentioned kind of explains why for those that are curious. I do plan on trying to remedy that, but I’ve spent about all I can on this tonight.

I’d love to have some folks check the latest copy of the plugin out of subversion and give it a whirl (just please do it in a test environment :-) ). Feel free to leave comments on this post; if you’re reporting problems please include what version of wordpress and PHP you are using. There is still a bit of work to be done on it before I do a new release, and I may also wait for the 2.0 release of JanRain’s PHP OpenID library… they just published the first release candidate yesterday and I’m really anxious to start playing with it.