wp-openid moving to DiSo

In case you missed it last week, Steve Ivy and Chris Messina announced the DiSo Project as an incubator of sorts to develop distributed social applications. Initially, they will be focussing on plugins for existing publishing platforms like WordPress and Drupal. On the WordPress side, they are using wp-openid as a foundation to develop additional plugins that build on OpenID to bring other social functionality to WordPress powered blogs. I am therefore pleased to announce that wp-openid is moving under the umbrella of DiSo in an effort to allow better integration with the other social plugins that are being developed, as well as get some other really smart people working on the code. I’ve been working with Chris on various identity projects for a while now, and have been very impressed with Steve’s ability to really grok this topic, so I have no doubt this move will be good for all involved.

Over the next week or two, I hope to get the wp-openid codebase migrated into the DiSo subversion repository. The plan is to synchronize changes made there back over to wp-plugins.org so that the wordpress.org project page as well as plugin update notifications will continue to work as they do now. Any existing bug reports at wp-plugins will also be moved over to Google Code, which should provide some better features and flexibility. If you’re interested in following the progress of wp-openid or the other DiSo projects, feel free to join the DiSo Google Group.

Comments and responses

Have you written a response to this? Let me know the URL:

OpenId is great idea to move close to Semantic Web World. And if WordPress can integrate it into their solution, i think it will start a wave to support it and eventually, Facebook types of business will come around and dance together.

By the way, why does it take extra long to load your site?


I'm on the list to get updated tomorrow, so hopefully should be better then.

Two comments: first I think in yr Installation instructions you should add the fact that under Users you have to add an OpenID identity URL.

Second, I'm using WP 2.2.2 & getting this error:

"Error: Could not discover an OpenID identity server endpoint..."

If you help me figure out what's wrong & how to fix it I'd be grateful.

Would be great if DiSo includes int8 purpose so that « OpenID Enabled » could be localized (hmmm, don't be too scared, « OpenID » in french isn't translated « IdOuvert » – not yet !).

Plugin does not works for me properly =(

It does not redirects to provider, simply posts comment without auth.

Any updates on the wordpress plugin? I only have one issue with the plugin not working with WordPress 2.5 and that is toggling the system information. Other than that, everything's peachy. Thanks again for this great plugin.
After login (openid provider) I get error message (wordpress) We were unable to authenticate your OpenID
Can't get wp-openid to work on my site. Just checking that I can get my openID to work on your system. Thanks for working on this tool!