Consolidating domains

For a while now, I’ve had two different personal websites. I have my personal blog at, which you’re reading now. And I also have my “identity site” at, which includes my hcard, activity stream, contact list, and a list of my profiles on various websites. I’ve also used this identity site as my primary OpenID for quite a while.

I’ve been considering consolidating these down into a single site, putting my activity stream on the front page and my blog under a sub-directory. Of course I’ll setup proper redirects and such so that no links will be broken. I can also update my OpenID at all of the services I use, so that’s not really a problem. .com as a TLD is certainly more familiar with people, but the .name is technically the “correct” TLD for individuals. So now I’m relying on others to give me input… which domain should I use?