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One of the goals I set for myself this quarter was to get more familiar with the various development platforms that we support at Google. I use a number of Chrome extensions on a regular basis, and I’ve built a simple “Hello World” style extension before, but never anything that was all that useful. So over the last few weekends I built a simple extension called +Profile Link that tries to detect and identify the Google+ profile for the page you’re currently viewing.

The extension is itself is pretty straightforward and tries to address a problem I’ve run into quite a few times. I’ll come across an interesting blogger or website via Hacker News or wherever, and want to add them to my circles on Google+. But first I actually have to find them on Google+. If I’m lucky, they have a visible link or Google+ badge somewhere on the site and I can just that. But some sites (like my own, currently) have only a non-visible link to the associated Google+ profile. This non-visible link is really all Google needs to power author information in search results or direct connect, but doesn’t do much for visitors to a site. And even with a visible link or badge, the design of some sites are so cluttered that the link may be difficult to find.

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The +Profile Link extension scans pages as you browse the web looking for links to a Google+ profile. This can be a visible <a> or non-visible <link> element with a rel value of ‘me’, ‘author’, or ‘publisher’, or a Google+ badge. When it detects a link, a small icon appears in the Chrome address bar. When clicked, a popup window displays some basic profile data pulled from the public Google+ API, including a link to the full profile where you can add the person to your circles. I’ve toyed with adding a Google+ badge directly in the popup, but just haven’t been happy with the way it looks so far… that should be coming in the future.

But what about sites that don’t link to their Google+ profile at all? My goal with this plugin was to try and find the associated Google+ profile with a very high degree of certainty, so there’s only so much you can do. One experimental feature I added (which can be activated in the extension’s options page) is to use the Social Graph API to find the Google+ profile for a URL. This actually works pretty well for the very small percentage of people that have rel="me" links setup on their site. For example, this would allow the address bar icon to be displayed even on a user’s Twitter profile page as seen here for Tantek.

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Unfortunately, the Social Graph API was recently deprecated and announced that it will be retired on April 20, 2012. If I can find an alternative solution by then I’ll migrate over, otherwise I’ll likely remove this feature. It’s not entirely practical anyway, since it fires off an API lookup for every URL you visit. This has both performance and potential privacy implications, so I’m not sure that I’d recommend that people leave it running all the time. It does provide a nice proof of concept, though.

I’m sure there are plenty of best practices I didn’t follow, but I’m generally pretty happy with how it all turned out. It demonstrates quite a few of the basic functions of a Chrome extension, including:

The whole extension is released under the Apache 2.0 license, so hopefully it will be a useful example to a few folks. You can find the extension itself in the Chrome Web Store and the source code on GitHub at willnorris/plus-profile-link.

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