No one cares about your URLs (so buy a domain)

In response to Posterous shutting down, Tantek made the comparison to Pownce having been acquired and subsequently shuttered by Six Apart back in 2008. There’s actually something very interesting about the blog post announcing Pownce shutting down. At the end of the post, Pownce co-founder and lead engineer Leah Culver notes,

As for the Pownce team, we’ll continue posting on Vox. You can find me at

So how’s that working out? Well, Vox (Six Apart’s blogging service) was shutdown in 2010, so now redirects to, which oddly has an HTTP authentication prompt. If we just try, that still exists but hasn’t been updated since January 2012. Want to guess where she does actively blog? Yeah, that’s right, on

The only way for you to ensure the integrity and longevity of your content is for you to take ownership of how it is accessed. Do yourself a favor and go buy a domain that you use for publishing your content.

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