IndieWebCamp SF 2014

There’s only a couple of hours left in IndieWebCamp SF 2014, and it’s been a really productive weekend.

I mostly got Webmentions working last year, but my implementation wasn’t good enough that it stuck… I ending up disabling things before too long. This year, the WordPress plugin is in much better shape, I’m using a much better WordPress theme (Genesis), and exists to bridge my site with various silos. Now, interactions on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter are retrieved by, converted to webmentions, sent to my site, and stored as local comments. There’s still a little work to do to have likes and +1s to be displayed as a facepile, rather than a regular comment, but it’s definitely good enough for now.

We also spent a lot of time talking through the challenges of running a site with HTTPS, and what levels of SSL support people should try to achieve and where that fits in with IndieMark. I’m not sure if all the notes have made it into the wiki yet, but the etherpad from the session is available.

Finally, I really came to realize that we have a long way to go to make it easier for WordPress users to get set up on the indie web. Though I’m happy to report that Dan Gillmor, Scott Jenson, and Darius Dunlap also got their WordPress sites up and running with webmentions and

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