RFCs for Dash.app

I recently (re)discovered Dash, an OS X application that provides offline access to a number of popular documentation sets. I had done something similar myself many years ago by mirroring the php.net website locally, but Dash provides a much better UI, provides good search functionality, and integrates nicely with text editors and launchers like Alfred. For me, having the offline access during my daily commute, as well as the ability to search directly from Alfred made this well worth the twenty bucks it costs.

One documentation set that was missing however was RFCs published by the IETF. I regularly find myself wanting to reference the specifications for things like HTTP, timestamps, or URIs. So this week I put together a Dash docset that includes every published RFC, indexed and marked up so that Dash can display tables of contents. It looks something like this:

Screenshot of Dash application displaying 'RFC 2324 - Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)'

It’s certainly not small… the expanded archive weighs a little over 500 MB. But it’s really nice to have readily available if you reference RFCs a lot. You can install the docset directly into Dash or find it on GitHub.

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