weird author URLs

For a while, I’ve noticed that was providing URLs for authors for some Google+ activities. Today, I dug into it a little and discovered that it’s only doing this for +1s; Google+ reshares have the expected author URLs. For example, compare the links on the two rows of faces in the “Likes and Reposts” of this post.

Next I looked at the markup generates for these webmentions. Compare an example +1 versus an example reshare. The +1 contains the following snippet:

<div class="h-card p-author">
  <div class="p-name">
    <a class="u-url" href=""
      >Cristian Gary Bufadel</a
  <a class="u-url" href=""></a>

The author h-card contains two URLs, one with and one with And the latter has no link text, it’s just empty.

This certainly looks like a bug. I glanced at the code briefly, but didn’t immediately find the culprit. Ryan, you have any thoughts?