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This is an archive of all my tweets from @willnorris. They were deleted from Twitter in early 2023.

I worked with a lot of the Tweagle (Twitter Legal) team in my time at Twitter. I don't know how many are left, but I've been thinking about them a lot in the last few days. What do they even say to him in the midst of all this? Is he listening? Does he care?
RT @karaswisher: Blah blah blah blah, blah blah. (Welcome to my world for the last 25 years everyone — now you don’t have to wonder why I…
@ahmetb @googlecloud I believe that was true until recently. Now... "Authorizations by a test user will expire seven days from the time of consent. If your OAuth client requests an offline access type and receives a refresh token, that token will also expire."
@ahmetb @googlecloud That's what Simon's tweet above and the linked buganizer issue are talking about. Uploading any image is a trap that you can't escape from. And looking at the bug, it's been this way for years.
@ahmetb @googlecloud No, there's not supposed to be. But if you upload an app logo, you are forced into a verification flow (personal use or not), and there's no way out because you can't remove the app logo... only replace it with another image. That's the problem.
@ahmetb @googlecloud But because I can't remove the app logo, there's no option for me to move from "testing" to "production" without going through the verification flow. So I'm just stuck.
@ahmetb @googlecloud I actually don't WANT to get approved. I've submitted my app for verification a couple of times since that's the only path I have right now, and it's getting rejected because it's only for personal use and isn't supposed to need verification.
I'm honestly not even sure who I still know in @googlecloud devrel. I'm in this trap and am not sure how to get out of it. This is an absolutely awful dev experience. Relevant buganizer:
RT @simonw: I'm finding Mastodon a lot easier to understand having I've realized that it's just blogs. Everyone gets a little blog, on thei…
@loic Funny, I just came across a few in my personal sticker stash. Happy to drop some in the mail to you @loic if you want. Though I think mine are from a few years later... would have been around 2010 or so.
@msilver I left in May and still have Twitter Blue. I'm very curious if it will ever be fixed. I'm using the normal Twitter app (not Earlybird), but still see this "Cancel Subscription (Earlybird Only)". Not really sure what that means.
@pamelafox Yes, it's the "advanced web interface" in your preferences. I was never a heavy TweetDeck user, so don't know how it compares, but it certainly has the same basic feel.
@ImJasonH @bitworking @sussman @clholgat @jbeda I'm actually not even 100% sure the black one is a sticker. That, or they're just so old the backing won't easily peel off.
@_cflewis_ sure, the beauty is that anyone can run an instance. Since there are no verified accounts, I'd expect lots of orgs to run instances for "official" accounts. I'd be surprised if @ericajoy isn't looking at setting up an instance for official Dem accounts ;-P
@_cflewis_ I care a lot about controlling the identifiers I use, so I setup a single user instance at (at least for now). Lots of shared instances out there, but I don't have any direct experience with any of them.
@dave_universetf I'm wondering if there might have been an instance also hosted on that got denylisted for abuse, and I'm getting caught by that? I'll email the octodon folks and see if we can sort it out.
@dave_universetf really? I don't see the follow or any posts? (I really hope this isn't the same problem we have today where you can't realistically run your own mail server without a ton of pain and playing whackamole with allowlists/blocklists.)
okay importantly, sign in if you want to help *others* find *you* on mastodon. It uses sign-ins to build the account database rather than pulling data from Twitter profiles and whatnot. So login in now, and then check back again later. (I'm
@simonw @eikke @bradfitz also wrote a few years ago for Go to slurp down all GitHub issue data for local analysis, though I imagine datasette would be better for that nowadays. Doesn't store in git notes, but sort of in a similar problem space.
@simonw @eikke I've long thought about making a GitHub Actions workflow to transparently store all PR and issue data/comments in the same git notes format. Maybe someone has already built that?
@simonw @eikke Gerrit stores code review information in notes, and I believe there are a few projects to build issue tracker using git-notes. These docs might be helpful if you actually dig into this
@jasnell @bajtos @joinmastodon @PixelFed I think Facebook and Twitter's engagement (or lack thereof) matter far less now than they did then. Before, their adoption of AS mattered for interop. Now, users are leaving anyway, so interop with those walled gardens shouldn't be a concern.
RT @jasnell: Can we seriously go back to developing decentralized, standards-based, federated social networks with good user experience now?
two small updates to ... link templates are no longer dropped from JRDs, and added short lookup URLs a la ya know, in case anyone else is setting up mastodon :)
One of my favorite things about this effort is how many contributions and improvements to *other* open source projects it included. And of course the feature itself is awesome!
RT @Catzkorn: Good news @Tailscale users! If you haven't used HTTPS with your tailnet name yet, you can now change…
The process for moving an app to production status is quite onerous, including recording a YouTube video demonstrating the app: Doing this for a personal app to backup my own data is ridiculous. I've got to be missing something here, right?
Google seems to be ratcheting up restrictions on OAuth apps (deprecating OOB flow and limiting access for apps in testing status to 7 days: What are people doing for backing up personal data with apps like gmvault?
@oldmanuk @bernhardsson @helpermethod but if your lawyers *really* want current copyright year, google/addlicense isn't really going to help you update existing copyright lines, at least not today.
@oldmanuk @bernhardsson @helpermethod At least a handful of folks use I used it at a previous job, which is why I'm still sort of helping maintain it. But as others have noted, there's no real need to update copyright years. Just put first year of copyright.
RT @benwerd: “Guess which format is going to outlast all these proprietary syndication formats. I’d say RSS, which I believe to be true, bu…
Seriously @SQSupport, what is wrong with you? Now you're sending me their home address? It's really not that hard to send a confirmation email when someone first signs up.
@simonw @genmon @joshu @intrcnnctd @Tailscale @flydotio it'll be a little while before I can get to this, but tracking it as a feature to add to the Tailscale caddy module: Of course, in the meantime, you can just throw tailscale on the docker image like normal, or write a small custom reverse proxy.
RT @davidcrawshaw: There was a discussion today about the @Tailscale standup channel. Is it still useful? The outcome:…
Hey @SQSupport, maybe actually send an initial verification email to confirm you have the right email address before sending loads of new account info filled with someone else's personal information to my gmail address?
I'd like it noted that I only showed up in said meeting because I was getting assigned work even in my absence!
@bcomnes Do you want a privacy VPN to mask your source IP, or an access VPN to connect your devices? Tailscale for the latter, obvs :) Tailscale with an exit node works for the former for many cases like watching Netflix while traveling out of country. But doesn't give anonymity
RT @dave_universetf: A gift though! I just open-sourced the postgres proxy we wrote @Tailscale to work around this. Clients can only connec…
@lejatorn @aboodman @PerkeepOrg Yeah, photos are one of the big things I haven't moved over yet. Still using Adobe Lightroom Classic with files on NAS. Not looking forward to the day when Adobe eventually kills that and forces everyone to Lightroom CC.
@lejatorn @aboodman @PerkeepOrg I've been doing a bit more frontend work at Tailscale and learning React. I've definitely pulled up Perkeep's frontend code a couple of times in the last month thinking about getting back into it :) Just not enough time right now
@caddyserver If you host email on your own domain, you should be sufficiently paranoid about access to that zone's MX records. This lets me be a lot more lax about giving caddy (and other ACME clients) the ability to manage DNS on my non-email zones.
Super excited for per-zone permissions in Google Cloud DNS. Now I've got a service account to let @caddyserver manage wildcard DNS for only specific zones.
@grhmc @theprincessxena @apenwarr @0x663030623472 @Tailscale If it's egregious you might get an email from the sheriff on node-ingham, but otherwise it's often just not worth the effort. We actually *want* people using the product, after all.
RT @juanfont: Tailscale has hired the co-maintainer of Headscale, to work in both sides. I am very very happy with this. The Headscale pro…
RT @IanColdwater: If phishing a single employee can lead to everything in your infrastructure being compromised that easily, that employee…
RT @mihai: One of the things that attracted me to @Tailscale was their in-depth technical blog posts. While it's no epic treatise, it was n…
RT @dtmooreeditor: So there's a particular quirk of English grammar that I've always found quite endearing: the exocentric verb-noun compou…
Cool. But uh, was the protobuf team at Google involved in this in any way? If not, it's hard not to see this as an attempt at a hostile fork of the protobuf spec. VERY different vibe than CommonMark which was a true open, collaborative effort to build markdown language spec
uh... thanks @twitter, I guess? It's also interesting that it was this swag order (when they rebranded Core Tech to Redbird) that prompted this subtweet
RT @Tailscale: In the hope of helping you complete your SOC 2 audit — and in the spirit of transparency about where we are in terms of sec…
@samwhoo If you're okay with @caddyserver rather than nginx, take a look at the "caddy-listener" branch of which eliminates both sidecars. A single caddy binary that joins your tailnet and sets X-Webauth-* headers from Tailscale data. Still very experimental.
@Natbat @simonw Yep, I'm the neighborhood lead for Moss Beach, so happy to chat about CERT stuff too :) I just recently saw the training email also, so need to see if schedule permits.
@Natbat just randomly saw from @simonw's profile that you're a ham. You should join our Wednesday night nets if you're interested: W6WJN
@simonw Connect it to your social graph, and in-game characters look exactly like your friends and family. Provide location, add street view imagery, and the game is actually set in your neighborhood. Very uncanny valley territory.
I'm convinced the things I built working for universities will far outlive anything else I've done in my career. 18 years later, the @uofmemphis online directory ( looks exactly the same
RT @davidcrawshaw: Most of the @Tailscale engineering team is currently in transit to an in-person event, and it is going just the way you…
@samwhoo You could certainly do something with DNS. Public nameservers have public IP, local DNS server that points to the Tailscale IP. Then set that DNS server for your tailnet. Pretty sure that should work.
@samwhoo but your tailnet users would need to be accessing over its Tailscale IP, which presumably they wouldn't be if the rest of is publicly accessible
@samwhoo A really quick and dirty way would be to location /bar { allow; deny all; } If you wanted more control or to pass back user data, then should help.
Twitter, among all apps with similar endless message scrolling, seems to be uniquely bad about this. And sadly, I never talked to the Android team about it while I was there, but I know there were several related open bugs.
If I had a $ every time Twitter for Android reloaded my timeline RIGHT as I started to read a tweet... well, I wouldn't be rich, but I'd have a VERY steady source of passive income. Reload the timeline above or below off-screen, sure, but don't remove what I'm reading!
@KrisRousey @maisem_ali @Tailscale I know @shanselman uses Tailscale inside WSL2. Not sure if he's gotten Tailscale SSH working yet if you haven't already seen it:
I still remember a talk @labarroso gave when he led Core Systems at Google. That many (most?) of those internal systems are complete monopolies. Most customers have no practical alternative. He took the responsibility that came with that very seriously.
@jtrentadams @mimu_gloves I actually have a Twiddler one-handed keyboard. just never taken the time to get proficient with it, much less left handed. :)
thinking i may need to come up with some alternate key mappings in vim for a little while
@apenwarr The absolute worst is when you're in directions mode and some random side street (or none at all) gets labeled but not the major road that I'm supposed to turn onto.
@juliaferraioli Depending on what you want to do with it, I quite like the Lenovo Duet (10") running Chrome OS. It also helped that best buy had them for $200 a couple months ago.
@apparentlymart @bradfitz I don't know if I'd go that far 🙂 I had been looking for something similar for a long time, and Brad just happened to mention this one the other day
@bcomnes @bradfitz Travel wired and wifi router running openwrt. Good for things like sharing hotel wifi across multiple devices, not fighting their firewall for Chromecast, putting devices behind personal firewall, etc. Has vpn support, but I'm interested in getting tailscale on it just for fun
It took @goodreads 36 days to process my data export request! I mean, it's cool that they didn't forget (because I sure did), but I have to wonder what this process entailed on the backend. Did someone do this all by hand?
RT @bradfitz: As for putting software on it: Down from 23MB to 4.5MB binary size. Try @Tailscale on your OpenWRT…
Lots of @teej_dv videos and combing through his and others' dotfiles has been really educational and helpful for discovering newer plugins that I probably never would have found otherwise.
Before Tailscale, I hadn't been in a hands-on coding role in a very long time. During COVID quarantine last week I spent a LOT of time exploring neovim updates and ecosystem more (after ~15 years of plain vim). nvim+LSP+treesitter+telescope+[more] is WILD!
Every time I see @apenwarr in a tweet now, I read it as "Ape Noir", and I'm beginning to worry myself about the future of @tailscale.
@arungupta @philmont @boyscouts So cool that you got to do it together... I can guarantee that's a trip your son won't forget. My dad and I were expedition 719-T in 2000. Really hoping I get to do the same when my boys are old enough.
Hey @united, you still got a ground crew in MEM? UA 5337 ran a little late but now we're just sitting on the tarmac and can't get to the gate. Hoping everyone didn't head home 😢
@imduffy15 @Tailscale @home_assistant Not sure about Alexa, but for Google Assistant, you do need some publicly accessible URL. For example here is how I reverse proxy with @caddyserver from a GCE instance to home assistant over Tailscale.
@zpao @jeffwilcox @pronichkin @rjygraham This whole thread is why I got out of OSPO management. Okay, not really. But I don't miss this part of it.
@jeffwilcox @pronichkin @rjygraham I was thinking that once the account was in a paid org, it was no longer "free". But I guess that's not really right either... The org isn't paying for the account, it's paying for a seat. Okay, then.
@jeffwilcox @pronichkin @rjygraham I've always understood it that way, too. But the terms actually say "One person or legal entity may maintain no more than one free Account". Presumably, a separate work account wouldn't be a "free account", would it?
@cscotta @skamille This is a great thread. Honest question: how much do dem campaigns, clubs, etc care about volunteers being a registered dem (as opposed to independent)?
@xd1936 @Tailscale Well, I mean we do charge money for business plans :) But take a look at this recent blog post about why the personal plan is free:
RT @Tailscale: Did we make our version of the @ProductHunt kitty in a Tailscale swag box for this? Yes.
@commaok I'll be honest, the shipwreck photo is the only way I've ever known you, so when I watched the @Tailscale onboarding videos, I totally didn't recognize you. And definitely never would have guessed you smiled so much 😁
I've been in @getTeamflow meetings once or twice a week, but today was the first really big one where we used the red carpet for Q&A. I amazed at how simple and effective it is!
@bcomnes @Tailscale You could of course have your own public reverse proxy connected to your tailnet, but it's not a one-liner like ngrok. That's what I do to enable Google Assistant integration for my local home assistant:
@bcomnes @Tailscale Today, not really? Different use case... ngrok is trying to expose internal services to the open internet through their managed proxy. Tailscale is keeping things OFF the open internet that don't need to be, and with p2p encryption
@jsmarr @Tailscale @bradfitz yes, I think that captures it perfectly. We're supposed to be getting together soon anyway, so I can show you more then.
@jsmarr @Tailscale @bradfitz This is sort of what I mean by some of these things not fully clicking for me on my personal tailnet. I didn't realize how seamless (and magical) it all could be until seeing it on a company tailnet.
@jsmarr @Tailscale @bradfitz Today sharing is done per-node, and the other person would have to already have their own tailnet setup that you could share into. (
@jsmarr @Tailscale @bradfitz Would just have easily worked for dockerized apps using the new docker desktop extension. Containers join the tailnet as unique nodes which you can grant access to independently of the host machine
@jsmarr @Tailscale In our case, the application was a simple web service @bradfitz was running locally which connected directly to the tailnet (using experimental package). So didn't require any ACLs for Brad's machine, since the app was a completely separate peer
@jsmarr @Tailscale if your laptop is on your tailnet, you can allow incoming connections and setup ACLs to grant access for specific port to whoever else on your tailnet you want to share it with. Sharing to people outside your tailnet is doable also (node sharing), but sometimes a little fiddly.
Week 1 at @tailscale is in the bag. Despite having used tailscale at home for a year and half, there were so many things it enables that just didn't click for me until using it in a team environment. DNS magic, auto auth to apps, access to coworker's dev instances, so much more
Anyone at Google or Twitter, can you remind me what go/meet and go/present point to? There's some special URL for meet that makes go/meet/foo resolve to a semi-stable meeting ID, I just can't remember what it is
@dave_universetf Ooh, I started working on CW a while back, but then set it down. Might be a good time to get back into it! And yeah, def listen for the sound of the whole letter, not the individual dots and dashes.
@juliaferraioli @Tailscale a) Thanks! b) I know, I know. reasons. c) just finished my first all-hands meeting and TIL you can secure other things too! 🤯
Moving from long-time happy @Tailscale user to Day 1 as a Tailscalar. It's amazing how focused the team has been on making the core use-case SO incredibly simple, and I can't wait to get started. (I mean, who knew you could raise $100MM just to secure minecraft servers?!)
@nraboy @gauntface @Synology I think I did the math once and it would be a few hundred dollars to recover everything that we have backed up on GCS. But that includes 20+ years worth of photos, so the cost is not a concern if that was the only surviving copy of the data.
@nraboy @gauntface @Synology And same, I've never had to recovery from cloud backup. I use their coldline storage for that, so recovery would be more expensive, but I'm okay with that.
@nraboy @gauntface @Synology This was just a local backup on the same synology volume. I keep local minecraft backups for exactly this kind of in-game disaster recovery. Separately, I use cloud sync to google cloud storage for real backups.
Heroku on the other hand, still asks for full write access to all public and private repos when you attempt to connect an app to "enable code diffs and deploys". There's no part of diffs and deploys that should necessitate write access. And GitHub isn't stopping them. FIN
Interestingly, when you login at today, it takes you through a GitHub Apps login flow. I'm fairly certain that was done in response to this incident. I'm glad it's changed, but it was nearly too late.
I don't say all of this to rag on them. I love GitHub. Truly, I do. Despite their flaws, and the danger of creating a corporate-controlled silo, I think they've done amazing things for open source.
Travis and Heroku got hacked last month, and that sucks. But GitHub has not done enough to deprecate those APIs, force applications to migrate to the GitHub Apps model, and fix gaps where they exist. That's on them.
But Facebook was the subject of much of the investigation, accused of not having done enough to protect their users. CA was the culprit, but Facebook was complicit because they didn't do enough. A new lawsuit was just filed this week in DC.
Cambridge Analytica was arguably violating the Facebook terms of use, but they were still using capabilities that Facebook provided them. At a technical level, they were using the system exactly as it was designed to work.
If you recall, Cambridge Analytica used Facebook APIs to collect personal data on millions of Facebook users without their consent to be used for political advertising. It was a huge scandal, resulting in the collapse of Cambridge Analytica and loads of subsequent investigations
I told Nat and team that eventually they were going to have a Cambridge Analytica moment. It was a somewhat provocative thing to say, since the story had just broken the previous year, but I explained my meaning.
Other app developers that I talked to said that they would love to move over to GitHub Apps, but the capabilities weren't sufficient for their particular use case (I don't recall the details). For many others (presumably Travis included), it just wasn't a high enough priority yet
Or, as in the case of @travisci, they had only migrated partially. Using GitHub Apps for much of their integration, but using an OAuth flow for login that STILL requested full write access to all repos! Private requests and public shaming did nothing
Fortunately GitHub Apps solves nearly all of the primary concerns I had. Granular scopes, and the ability to restrict exactly which repos the app could access. It was great! Except there was one big problem: many of the apps our developers used hadn't migrated to the new APIs.
I could approve or deny an app for the org, but I had no visibility, much less control, over what scopes could be requested or what repos the app could access. This is still true today.
Almost all of my requests were security related, and at the very top of the list was how dangerous their OAuth controls were. Scopes were overly broad, and as an org owner the control I had was a joke.
That size of an account afforded me a private sit-down with @natfriedman, who was about a year into his role as CEO, and a handful of other executives at GitHub Universe 2019. It was an opportunity for Nat and team to hear direct from customers what we wanted from GitHub.
In the fall of 2019, I led engineering for Google Open Source, which included management of their massive footprint on GitHub. Thousands of repos across hundreds of orgs, and we were about to ink a reasonably large deal for GitHub Enterprise.
I appreciate GitHub's thorough and transparent response to this, really I do. And it sucks that Heroku and Travis CI got compromised. But make no mistake, this is GitHub's fault, and they've known about it for years. This is their Cambridge Analytica moment (or it should be) 🧵
@brianduff It was very easy to clear out... mandatory flyway process? naw. required training? not gonna matter. an update from Parag? okay, I'll read that. archive the rest.
After ~10 years working in Open Source Program Offices, and the majority of that time being a people manager, I've realized how much I really miss the engineering. So that's what I'm gonna do... move back to a SWE role and write some Go (and other things too, probably).
Welp, that's all folks. Today is my last day at Twitter. Inbox is empty, just a few docs to finish writing and a few tickets left to file. It's been wild and I truly wish everyone the best. No surprise, I'll miss the people the most. [...]
@Tailscale looks like someone accidentally linked to the wrong DERP in this blog post. Unless it was intentional, in which case, well played.
Finally tested restoring a backup with @Synology hyper backup and it worked beautifully! The disaster recovered? 4yr old accidentally dumped a bucket of lava in a woodland mansion
@Tailscale To be clear, this helps the very specific issue of local traffic being routed through the tailscale subnet router when you really want it to go direct.
TIL, advertising @tailscale routes with slightly smaller subnet masks helps prevent issues when on the physical network For example, `--advertise-routes=` when it's actually a subnet. Maybe better ways exist? But this works for me
RT @conservancy: Major Court victory against #Vizio Friday evening. After hearing oral arguments from both sides, The Judge quickly decided…
TIL there are federal and state (California) laws protecting you from surprise medical billing or "balance billing". Not clear on exact details, but looks very promising.
I have found myself immediately searching the homepage of any new service or startup I find for "chain", "coin", and "nft" as a simple grift detector. Seems like that would make a good browser extension.
@Carnage4Life @kayvz @boo Not to diminish the work of previous leaders at all(!), but one saving grace may be that @jaysullivan (now consumer lead, and interim revenue lead) recently presented to the company the most coherent and well articulated product vision I've seen in my time at Twitter.
This is a SUPER interesting case for anyone that cares about open source. And also a good distraction from all the other garbage happening today :)
@TheMerovius @github gah! yes, I forgot that personal repos don't allow read-only collaborators. This is definitely broken. Or at least... sub-optimal.
@TheMerovius @github This implies it *should* be possible? "members [...] can also assign a pull request review to any person or team with read access to a repository. The requested reviewer or team will receive a notification that you asked them to review the pull request."
@TheMerovius @github I guess this is the change I was thinking about, but it's from 3 years ago and only mentions issue assignment specifically. :-\
@TheMerovius @github I'll have to find the reference, but I recall that changing recently (because I had the same pain), at least for assigning issues. I think it's now anyone who has interacted with the issue or repo? Not sure if that carries over for PR reviewers as well
Everything's under control. Situation normal. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?
@johnmark Hah! Within the first hour, replies of "welcome to the family" and "please don't go". FWIW, I've been very happy with Fi since launch. Wifi calling seems to be working more consistently lately which makes a big diff for me.
@shanselman @jeffwilcox @Foone This is awesome, but I'm genuinely curious why GitHub shows 4 contributors in the sidebar. API just shows Scott as commit author (which I'd expect, Is @GitHub now including non-code contributions for the sidebar? That'd be great actually!
apropos of nothing, Twitter's personal data export is *really* nice. Interactive offline experience to explore everything, with cleanly organized data directory. LOTS of data in there, though sadly (and understandably) with others' names removed.
@scottjenson @wordpressdotcom @Ghost Perhaps not? As @spf13 mentioned, most of the other managed hosts seem to start around similar price points. I certainly want to believe that there is still a market for "WordPress + custom domain and nothing more", but maybe the economics actually don't work out?
@singpolyma @wordpressdotcom It means we'll need to update this wiki page: And consider finding an alternate recommended WordPress host for
@singpolyma @wordpressdotcom oh, custom domain hosting was never gratis, which I'm okay with. But it was previously available on a much simpler plan that didn't have all the extras
For comparison, there used to be a "personal" plan that was only $3.50/month that supported custom domains and a few other small feature.
Really bummed to learn today that @wordpressdotcom is no longer a good inexpensive option for someone wanting to take that first step into the indieweb by publishing on their own domain. Instead, they're forced into a $15/month plan with all the bells and whistles. :(
@wordpressdotcom @m_galvagno @wordpressdotcom is no longer an option for someone who just wants to publish under a domain they control (as @indiewebcamp advocates) without all the expensive extras. That's a real bummer, and more importantly a huge disappointment from @automattic and @photomatt :-\
@wordpressdotcom @m_galvagno With all due respect, having those announcements ready *before* completely overhauling the pricing plan probably would have been a good idea. I'm coming in late (only because one of my plans just renewed), but this is looking pretty awful.
May your soul be not an anchor but a mast May your truth be not a casket but a cask And may love be your companion on the road you roam May the wind that blows the hardest bring you home – @jonforeman
RT @dr_ichards: I’ve often told people that one thing I love about @Twitter is that I can be confident that the policy decisions that get m…
RT @nicktornow: Oversimplification of the challenges of running a product like Twitter are common, and it's very easy to throw stones. Ther…
@t3rabytes @jturmel Yeah, this works great. The bent pin creates JUST enough tension to keep the door from closing. Just don't do it to a fire door that's SUPPOSED to close automatically. 😬
speaking of which, you know what REALLY drives me crazy? Jira supports [ctrl/cmd]+K, but it then highlights the link text rather than the URL, so you can't simply follow that with [ctrl/cmd]+V to paste the URL. Why would you highlight the text?!
TIL. I trip over this behavior for adding links in Slack and Jira on a daily basis. But GitHub seems to have found a really good compromise of supporting this AND [ctrl/cmd]+K.
I think about this a lot when talking about open source. @stchris_ also already shared the obligatory XKCD which really captures this sentiment well (
@marknadal I hope we do open source tons of stuff for real with @elonmusk ! No kidding. We'll all just have to wait for the deal to close and see what happens.
RT @davidhoang: I’m hearing a lot of “I’m going to start blogging again” because of the Twitter news. I’m sad people stopped. The personal…
It's gonna be suuuper awkward if that gets to be the most starred repo in the Twitter org. We might actually end up having to put something in there. 🤔 (In all seriousness, it has surfaced some really interesting conversations about transparency, which is great!)
Finally got contacted by a reporter for comment. Good, I was feeling a little left out. :) And no, I don't have any comment. Opinions, yes. Comment, no.
Dear @googlecloud docs PM, Open Click on "GPU pricing" in the sidebar. Watch as page scrolling is hijacked and it takes 6 and a half seconds to scroll down the page. Tell me this is a good user experience.
I always figured paying for gas by credit card simply pre-authorized some amount, but I never knew what it was. Turns out it's $100, and still only enough to fill up 7/8 of a tank.
@apenwarr @theprincessxena oh, wow. I totally stopped paying attention to anything freenode after moving things to Libera. Now they're a DAO and a reddit clone? I just... wow.
@kevinmarks @simonw I was quite confused on that page for a moment. Only showed @simonw's photo, and I couldn't figure out why! Turns out it's the syndicated like from this tweet? Probably more obvious when there are multiple faces, but single was confusing without any kind of label.
My four year old used one of his standard starting words, which really helped narrow things down. The kids do get a little bummed when we solve it fast; they really like the guessing. Wordle 303 2/6 ⬜🟨🟩🟩⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
Wordle has proven to be a great game for young readers/spellers, and the one thing that will consistently get my kids out of bed in the morning. And the single game per day adds a great time bound so we can move on with the day.
@andypiper The number of Google products I've received spam on is.... impressive. Things I would not have initially thought of. Haven't had classroom spam yet; I can only hope 😂
Well that was both exciting at first, and then really annoying as things progressed. Wordle 293 5/6 🟩⬜🟩🟩🟩 🟩⬜🟩🟩🟩 🟩⬜🟩🟩🟩 🟩⬜🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
@JustinBeckwith @amcasari Oddly, today's company swag survey DID have an option for men's versus women's sizes for socks! But t-shirt and jackets were both "unisex" only.
It's not okay to provide t-shirts as company swag to your employees that are only available in "unisex" sizes. I will die on this hill.
@pfefferle @Twitter Okay, formally archived on GitHub: The team is going to work on updating references and WordPress directory to reflect that as well.
@pfefferle @Twitter Not actively working on it right now, no. I'm following up with teams on what to do here. Likely scenario is just archiving it and pointing to the myriad other plugins available.
@bbellina @DomValenciana I can confirm that we do in fact pay our employees for their labor. However, it turns out that recognition for hard work and career growth are also important to many people.
RT @DomValenciana: Really feel bad for my coworkers that have been working on editing tweets for a while now just to have everyone say “tha…
I think my goal is going to be to introduce every candidate I interview to a new (to them) open source project. So far I've pointed a person into networking to @Tailscale and one with python+sqlite work to @datasetteproj. Whatever happens with interview, hopefully still valuable
@gavaletz Well, there is that one dark spot where the heat cloth wasn't quite long enough :) I did however go ahead and pull the fire extinguisher off the wall have it ready. Ya know, just in case.
@akohlsmith The valves are just basic Orbit sprinkler valves from Home Depot. Controlled by Rain Machine Pro-16, which is already hooked up to existing garden beds.
@bcomnes oh, not in the slightest! We've done a ton of DIY projects during COVID, which have been super fun and probably really good for our mental health. Getting away from devices to build things and dig in the dirt has been really restorative.
Well that was definitely right at the edge of my comfort zone. Cut into the main water supply pipe for the whole house to add a new irrigation line. The solder joints aren't gonna win any beauty contests, but it seems to be holding up well.
@rspier @gauntface when did SignCLA switch from commit status to the checks API? This page (and the rescan link) is just :chefs-kiss:
Well that one seems worth sharing. Wordle 270 3/6 🟩⬜🟨🟨⬜ 🟩🟨🟨🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
@ahmetb Actually, I guess it was almost two years ago. This was the before shot of the same area. We dug out all of the existing dirt by hand, added the retaining wall, irrigation and electrical, and built the raised beds. This has been our biggest pandemic project on the house.
@ahmetb For the new above-ground pressure adaptors, hose, and connectors, around $100, mostly from All of the below-ground work was done last year when we built the beds. Again, probably around $100 or so in PVC pipe, but a whole lot in personal labor :)
We also completely replaced our old 1/4" irrigation system of individual drippers with drip tape. We followed for setting this up (on a MUCH smaller scale!). Really liking the simplicity of this style so far.
Spring garden has been planted. All from our own seed starts (or direct sow) this year, and adding in two tomato varieties, two types of cucumber, and pumpkins which we didn't do last year.
Today's snippet for bulk accepting GitHub repository invitations with the #GitHubCLI: gh api /user/repository_invitations --jq '.[] | .url' | xargs -n1 gh api --method PATCH
RT @AlecMuffett: This is possibly the most important and long-awaited tweet that I've ever composed. On behalf of @Twitter, I am delighted…
Damn! We had several cute @googleoss and @sourcegraph onesies/outfits for our kids, but these are absolutely the best.
@mholt6 @Fossil I actually really like the fact that I can't interact much. The notifications are just enough context to know whether I can simply ignore it (most of the time), or if it's important enough to pull out my phone.
@mholt6 I honestly LOVE my @Fossil Hybrid HR watch. Just enough smarts, but not too much. Heart monitor, pedometer, and notifications, but not too much else. And two weeks of battery life. I've used MANY smart watches over the years, and this strikes just the right balance for me.
So many qualified candidates! I was particularly happy to see @Historiaster up for an individual seat. I was so impressed with Hilary's thoughtful work in our years together at Google. I'm proud to endorse her in my personal capacity as an individual OSI member.
Dear future me, the default password on a @RainMachineSPK Pro-16 is just an empty string. The docs don't say that, and make it seem WAY more complicated than it is, but they're lying.
@igb @github @finatra so far, seems to be targeting @TwitterOSS, @GoogleOSS and @Apple from what I can see: I've already taken care of the ones on Twitter repos.
@rspier @JadeRossdale No grass, all weeds (in the backyard) :). Rain Machine is just for our vegetable beds, so we're pretty regimented with the watering.
@rspier funny you should ask :) I actually checked with @jaderossdale on that before changing it, and we're not using any of the weather data right now or for the foreseeable future. We're still pretty hands-on with our watering schedule.
So far we have my new shelly switch that I just installed, 2 printers, Automate hub for roller shades, Rain Machine irrigation controller, Elgato key light, Philips Hue hub, and one Ubiquiti IP camera.
Tonight's relaxing exercise is finding devices that I can move from my "internet of things" VLAN to my "network of things" VLAN (no internet access). So far I'm up to 8. It's actually quite satisfying.
In particular, what is the impact of 47% of npm packages having 0 or 1 functions and 112 lines of code on average? Not making a judgement, just genuinely curious of the consequences.
@geekygirldawn Not sure if you're wanting to de-Google entirely or just get off of Workspace, but the email forwarding in Google Domains works well for me. Not too much different than most other similar forwarders, I suspect.
@realkpfleming @shelly_IoT I've been getting into lots of local network iot stuff lately as well. Right now playing with wled on esp32 board for lighting in my son's room. Shelly switches are next on my list!
@thomashawk hah! that's funny, my wife and I were *just* talking about you yesterday, remembering a photowalk we did in the early days of Google+ (circa 2011?). Apropos of nothing, but funny coincidence :)
Huh, 15 years on Twitter. I honestly don't remember how I heard about it at the time, but 40404 is still saved in my phone contacts.
I want to be excited about this teaser email from @peakdesignltd so much. I really do, I absolutely love their gear. But I think I've used by Everyday Backpack like 10 times in the last two years. Maybe some kind of pandemic gear coming that I didn't know I needed?
@chrismessina @opensea Though I'd also be curious of the actual answer to your question. Particularly the trend over time as DKIM and SPF have become more widespread.
@MylesBorins Really love my HÅG Capisco chair, especially for moving between standing, sitting at standing height, and sitting at normal height.
@IanMLewis @juliaferraioli @gsingers @github GitHub ToS covers forking and collaborating *on GitHub*, but says nothing about what you can do with that code elsewhere. An explicit label on unlicensed repos would be great.
If you've not looked before, you might be surprised by the open source projects you likely use that are funded through @conservancy... git, homebrew, busybox, swig, wine, samba, so many more! If you're turned off by the corporate feel of some foundations, this is one to support!
RT @timbray: Dear world: It is perfectly possible to imagine a radically-decentralized Web and simultaneously disbelieve that basing it on…
@chrismessina @voxpelli @singpolyma @steveivy @pfefferle @context @viamirror @UnlockProtocol psh, no one's looking for whose responsible. Like I said, it was the necessary v1 we all needed to learn the lessons so we build better versions later. I just worry about all the new mistakes the current iteration will introduce and the hard lessons we'll learn :-\
@chrismessina @voxpelli @singpolyma @steveivy @pfefferle @context @viamirror @UnlockProtocol And that's certainly something we never got to with DiSo. We were so focused on the those foundational building blocks, that we never got to really compelling applications built on top of that foundation.
@chrismessina @voxpelli @singpolyma @steveivy @pfefferle @context @viamirror I don't deny there's some potential there.Also with what @UnlockProtocol is doing. But I think there's entirely too much hype surrounding all of this right now which makes it really hard to suss out the interesting work. But maybe that's the point, we don't know what will stick.
@pfefferle @voxpelli @chrismessina @singpolyma @steveivy @bluesky Not currently. But it's not far from my interests and my actual work at Twitter, so I imagine I'll get involved to some degree eventually.
@voxpelli @chrismessina @singpolyma @steveivy @pfefferle oh, they're doing incredible work making WordPress a great platform for the indieweb! But I'm not sure that there's any connection to the original DiSo plugins we wrote. So much has changed (for the better!)
@voxpelli @chrismessina @singpolyma @steveivy @pfefferle The spirit of what we were trying to do is still very much alive in a number of different projects and communities, and it's certainly still frustrating how little industry adoption we have 14(?) years later.
@voxpelli @chrismessina @singpolyma @steveivy @pfefferle Oh, I know :) I really meant that to be poking at NFT folks, not you. I'm not surprised or even sad that much of the early DiSo work didn't survive. Maybe it was the v1 that was supposed to be thrown away to make room for the protocols and formats we have today.
@chrismessina @voxpelli @singpolyma @steveivy @pfefferle Independent servers talking to each other using standard protocols to enable communication? I thought we just called that the web. But yeah, I get the need for a marketing term to describe how this is something different than what folks are typically used to.
@chrismessina @Google ooh, cool. I wonder if we're going to see a new battle of developer profiles, since @linuxfoundation recently (quietly?) launched/rebranded LFX as Sadly (unsurprisingly) both seem to be limited to their own ecosystems.
Doing some fall cleaning: gh repo list ORG_NAME -L200 --no-archived | cut -f1 | xargs -n1 gh repo archive I mean, who among us *doesn't* have a few old GitHub orgs lying around that haven't been touched in years?
RT @andypiper: This is... well, this is a BIG change to the #twitterapi Developer Platform. I've been here for a while, and I'm more excite…
Rescue Randy (x4) needed a lift. I was a little too scared to say "no". (okay, to be fair, it was really @CALFIRECZU's Division Chief Cosgrave giving them a ride down to the @CoastsideCert training class last week.)
RT @CALFIRECZU: We are so proud of Coastside CERTs (Community Emergency Response Team)! This weekend, 29 new CERTs graduated the program! T…
37signals: our product is so beloved and popular, we're going to rename the whole company Basecamp. Fog Creek: our product is so beloved and popular, we're going to rename the whole company Glitch.
@MikeMcQuaid sounds like you may have things pretty well handled at this point (blocking the user, etc), but if things get worse on Twitter, let me know and I can help look into it.
It's a little ugly, and supposed to get worse late afternoon. I'm helping with ham radio operations out of the La Honda DOC. Mostly quiet here at the moment.
RT @juliaferraioli: Hey @github, any chance we could highlight the code of conduct in the sidebar like the license or readme?…
RT @conservancy: We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #GPL. You can check…
After all the issues we've had with bugs eating our plants this season, I was very pleased to find this mantis in our strawberries this morning! Go forth little one and feast on those insects!
@beyang Non open source software you're presumably licensing or buying upfront, so different model. I've been trying to think through the right analogy for OSS where there is immediate benefit for near zero cost, but that the maintenance cost must be planned for.
@beyang Yeah, that's part of where the analogy breaks down, because it doesn't have to be paid back in the traditional sense. But there is still ongoing maintenance cost that must be accounted for, which can vary wildly depending on the business's open source strategy.
@beyang I've actually been thinking a lot lately about open source as a leveraged investment. Investing in your product and business using "borrowed" code. The analogy begins to break down before too long, but I still think there may be something there.
RT @stephenaugustus: We had such a great time recording this panel! Join @willnorris, @rosalieinc, Virginia Bryant, and I for "Managing Ope…
RT @toddenders: 2021 Great Coastside Shakeout is in the books. We got a great group to help, do neighbor counts, and practice our drop-and-…
@ydroneaud @TwitterEng @TwitterOSS @osidays @Twitch Hopefully not *exactly* like Twitch :) But a lot of Twitter actually *is* open source in the form of,, and many others
@juliaferraioli I've always liked "free as in a puppy" paired with "free as in sunshine". That pairing might have originated with @sarahnovotny ? (Though the puppy reference goes back to Scott McNealy at Sun)
RT @LF_Training: 92% of hiring managers report having difficulties finding enough open source talent. Learn which skills are most in demand…
RT @juliaferraioli: This is something that @amcasari and I have been talking about for ages. So we are making it happen!…
True to my word to @EricaJoy, @juliaferraioli and I present our simple @TwitterOSS GitHub org README. Thanks @github for adding this feature!
@chrismessina @bmann @m1guelpf @drewdil Bearer tokens, by definition, must remain private. Whoever bears the token can use it, no signatures required. That's what made oauth2 so much simpler to implement. What you describe is likely possible, but would be more akin to oauth1 and require signatures using private keys.
Am I missing something obvious in the @srcgraph UI? Where would I click from to just go up one directory to the root of the repository ( The breadcrumbs don't seem to include the repo root.
RT @toddenders: First night of emergency/disaster radio comms practice for our little slice of earthquake & wildfire country. Hijinks, hi…
@beyang any chance of getting a license added to ? Just makes it easier for corporations to contribute.
RT @esthercrawford: Today we’re introducing @SuperFollows, a way for the people driving the conversations on Twitter to earn money from the…
I haven't lived in Memphis in 15 years, but still rock my 901 cell phone number. I had no idea #901 day was a thing in Memphis until recently. 🤷‍♂️
@gauntface Yeah, I had found pdfsam the last time I looked. I think I determined I needed the pro version but didn't want to pay $70/yr for the 4 pdfs I need to tweak a few times a year. Woulda been comfortable with non-subscription price.
What's the equivalent for Windows? Like, I literally just want to be able to rearrange pages in a PDF, maybe rotate them, and combine/split PDFs. And ideally not pay $15/month for the privilege. Why is PDF software so terrible?
If you were an early Codespaces beta user, and realized that one day your dotfiles mysteriously stopped getting installed, you now have to enable it here: I'm sure this changed months ago, and I only just now took the time to figure out what was going on
@JustinBeckwith I'm gonna have to have @rinkisethi look into a data leak, because you've *clearly* been reading my slack messages. And email. And Jira tickets. Oh, so many Jira tickets to get IAM setup correctly for our service accounts.
That's some pretty nice alt text ya got there, @Microsoft. But you know what's missing from this email? A link for "I didn't sign up for this account. Someone used my email by mistake so please remove my email from the account". I expect to get a reminder email in a few days :-\
okay, this is just wild with how seamless it is. Also, great use of the domain! It works on every code GitHub URL I've tried. Any file, any branch, any pull request. Just hit '.' or change the domain from .com to .dev and it loads up in VS Code
@amcasari @melissawm My favorite is things that need simple soldering. I'm not ready to build my own circuit boards, but fix the lightbar on your toy fire truck b/c the battery wire came loose? That I can do and love!
So we got to go pick this guy up this past weekend; a 12 week old adorable ragdoll kitten who has yet to be named. We had been on a waiting list for months, and keeping it a secret from our boys. It was a very fun surprise.
The new FUSE-based Google Drive for Desktop now mounts as a drive in Windows. Access it from WSL with: $ sudo mkdir /mnt/g $ sudo mount -t drvfs G: /mnt/g ( still points Gmail users to Backup and Sync, but Drive for desktop works great anyway)
I asked my almost 4 year old if he would please stop growing. "No, I want to learn how to use sharp knives." 😳
Hey @WordPressVIP, having an annoying *ding* on nearly every page load of (from the bot widget in the corner) is a sure-fire way to have me leave your site. The widget is fine, but the audio is way too intrusive.
I found this from Isaac's thread about saying no (which is also great), and then digging in more about what "nonviolent communication" was
Just fount this talk from @nodunayo from several years ago, and it's excellent! Set aside 20 minutes and watch it. This approach to communication is right in line with my thoughts around being intentionally positive, but goes even farther in some ways.
@EricaJoy @TwitterOSS I'd be down with that! @github already has support for profile READMEs, now we just need it for organizations. I'll make sure @TwitterOSS has one the day it's supported! :)
Don't get me wrong, @twitter has been super welcoming during my first 9 months. But just coming into the office today really made me feel like part of the flock in a way I hadn't felt yet. #BackToTheNest #FirstTimeInTheNest
Multiple times in my career I've written a response to someone in frustration but held off sending it. I'd re-read everything to make sure I didn't misunderstand what they were saying and sent my reply confident I was in the right I've regretted doing it nearly every single time
RT @puerco: We are now producing the first Bill of Materials for @Kubernetesio with each release cut! I thought I'd share some facts about…
@BrianWarnerIRL @jasnell @b0neskull @kemitchell @adamhjk @joe_sepi @mhdawson1 Got it, yes that makes sense. "a project which modifies the DCO text isn't using the DCO anymore"
@BrianWarnerIRL @jasnell @b0neskull @kemitchell @adamhjk @joe_sepi @mhdawson1 I'm curious what you mean on the second point about not being able to customize the text. The documentation for --signoff is pretty clear that its meaning is project specific. As long as contributing docs are clear, --signoff can mean just about anything
This is really great. Okay @Vanguard_Group, I think you're now the lone holdout for institutions I work with. When should we expect you to launch support for #openbanking?
The risk of teams and organizations only focusing on avoiding negative behavior is that they will, at best, trend toward neutral behavior. It’s not enough to simply not be a jerk. We must strive to be intentionally positive.
Disappointed #windows11 still doesn't have a setting to control scroll direction on mice (only trackpads) @windowsinsider
@cdibona @juliaferraioli using a capital "I" as your counter, so it's indistinguishable from a lowercase "l"? Clearly the work of an AI. Or someone who just wants to watch the world burn.
@juliaferraioli I'm officially telling you it's okay to carve out time to do this during business hours. It's just part of ramping up. I spent way more time dealing with insurance transition when I started than I wanted to.
@chrismessina @gaby_goldberg @michlimlim @diso Hah, not a whole lot. I've been wondering why I was still dragging these files around 13 years later. Apparently it was for exactly this moment :)
@chrismessina @gaby_goldberg @michlimlim @diso here's a couple of audio recordings from early activity streams discussions at Citizen Space. Can't remember everyone that was there. This was circa 2008, around the same time as that blog post. (not sure why one is .mov file 🤷)
@realkpfleming I think I've seen one site that simply links to whatever magic Google Calendar URL creates a new event with the fields pre-populated. Can't remember which. Otherwise, downloading .ical files and importing to GCal is the annoyingly laborious way to go :-\
@petergoes @webmentionrocks thanks! And your process is working great. Just merged my first set of webmentions ( Still need to improve rendering for replies and mentions, but working well:
@petergoes @webmentionrocks Would you be willing to put an explicit license on Just something like: // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT (or license of your choice) at the top?
That said, I can’t fully explain what’s going on in this picture. I’m willing to accept that this was staged just for the picture, and that someone did not, in fact, have a serious lapse in macaroni-and-cheese judgement.
When I achieved macaroni enlightenment, I hesitated to learn whether it was my mother or Kraft that had led me astray as a child. It was a small comfort to discover that it was indeed Kraft, though the betrayal I felt was palpable. Suffice it to say we’re an Annie’s household now
(In essence, you’re making a roux. Or at least you would be if the cheese packet has flour in it. I’m not sure if it does.) It turns out that this is what @annieshomegrown has instructed on their boxed mac and cheese all along:
You don’t mix the sauce ingredients into the pasta-filled pan like a monster! That is the way to clumpy, grainy, cheese-powder disaster. Instead, leave the pasta in the strainer and make the sauce in the empty pan first! Only once it's nice and smooth do you add the pasta back in
What I saw my wife do was nothing less than life-altering. Okay, well at least I still think about it every time I make mac and cheese, some 10 years later.
But a few years into my marriage I realized that I had been making mac and cheese *wrong* my entire life. Surely there are different ways to make mac and cheese, but is it really fair to say that the Kraft way is wrong? Yes. Yes, it is.
I must have done this hundreds of times throughout my childhood, never once questioning these instructions. Why would I? Of course @kraftmacncheese of all companies knows how to make a pot of mac & cheese!
We were a Kraft household growing up, eating our fair share of blue box mac and cheese. Making it is simple: cook pasta and drain water, put pasta back in the pan, then stir in milk, butter, and cheese packet. And in case you're stranded and forget: 🧵
This has been a particularly exciting vacation I've been on this past week because I knew I'd be coming back to having @juliaferraioli on the team! I'm really looking forward to working together again.
First vacation in 16 months. Hiking, cave exploring, and kayaking in the beauty of Northern California's national parks await! No emergencies while I'm gone, okay? Thx.
Thank's @jeremyvisser for showing me how to speed up videos even when controls aren't present (11 years ago). document.querySelector('video').playbackRate=2.0;
@simpsoka I believe "Edge & Node" in @dabit3's ReadME profile should link to, not Microsoft Edge and NodeJS :)
@petergoes @webmentionrocks This is awesome, and is pretty much exactly the flow I've long been slowly poking at building, right down to the repository_dispatch event! I hadn't considered pulling from though (was trying to receive mentions directly). I'll definitely try this out.
I'm particularly proud of the level of transparency the team achieved on this, complete with open sourcing the analysis code and a full academic paper detailing the work.
I think I'm enjoying the audiobook for A Promised Land way more than I would have the paper book. Hearing @BarackObama impersonate Malia impersonating "Johnny McJohn-John" alone is worth the price of admission. (around the 55 minute mark of chapter 3, if you wanna jump to it)
hell yeah we are. I feel really fortunate that open source cuts across so much of the company that I've gotten to work closely with quite a few of these really talented folks.
@chrismessina @asheshayes @googledevs okay, but let's be honest about what we launched in 6 months in 2011. It was basically the Google+ API docs and a blog feed, if I remember correctly: DevSite today is a far, far cry from what it was.
DevSite profiles. Only about 10 years later😂 (requires Google login for some reason?) /cc @chrismessina
The lack of these kinds of controls made GitHub Actions really hard to roll out comfortably when working with @GoogleOSS. Now that @TwitterOSS is beginning to move a lot of our workflows to Actions as well, I'm so glad I don't have to repeat that pain.
And then just a couple of weeks ago, they added the ability to customize the permissions of the default token, down to the individual job
Wow, really happy to see these security improvements in @github actions when I wasn't looking. Much better control for specifying which actions are allowed to run in repo or across an org (I guess this was added months ago?)
(CW: sexual harassment) It's so devastating (and sadly, increasingly too common) to hear stories like this. We, as open source communities and as an industry, have to do better.
RT @geekygirldawn: As a *contributor* to an open source project with multiple repositories, where do you look first for common information…
Just tried this with my 6yr old, and he absolutely did 🤚. Where did I go wrong as a parent?
Can confirm. Don't feel that way every day, but some days for sure. Gardening helps.
@spf13 @home_assistant @SpaceXStarlink Cellular *should* be my backup, but reception is AWFUL at my house. Just a few hundreds yards down the street I can get full 5G. :(
Too many Comcast outages is what pushed me to local IoT with @home_assistant and secondary ISP with @SpaceXStarlink (still on waiting list)
After my hour-long search this week came up empty, @JadeRossdale managed to book us each vaccine appointments this Sunday only an hour drive away. I've not been overly anxious about COVID, so am surprised by the amount of relief I feel now.
RT @pelikan_cache: Segcache, which won NSDI’21 Community Award, is now part of Pelikan Cache as an experimental server. #nsdi21 Reas more…
@crschmidt The only winning move is not to play? Unfortunately that doesn't quite work either b/c there are plenty of people who *will* play and muck things up. 😕
Don't forget to rotate your tokens every 10,000 requests to make sure they wear evenly.
@lindsmccallum This is how it starts. The next thing you know, you'll be hand cutting dovetails and trading stories with @bogdynamite in the #woodwork slack channel
@chrisrpatterson the former is at least possible today, even if a bit tedious, by duplicating workflow file across repos. the latter just isn't possible at all today.
@chrisrpatterson org-level actions for sure. Both: - execute this workflow on all repos in org, as if it were setup in each individually - execute this workflow on org-level events, outside context of any given repo
@chrismessina @nicksdjohnson @tonyherrera @harper @singpolyma @hueniverse These days I'd probably recommend we finger, though even that has had rather limited adoption
@flameeyes @voxpelli @felixge certainly from a corporate perspective, that's not terribly appealing. You typically don't want to give up rights that you don't absolutely have to unless there's a good reason. (And sometimes there's a good reason)
@flameeyes @voxpelli @felixge but that means that the contributor is now subject to whatever rights public domain gives them, even for their own work. (and there you enter the debate on what PD actually means, how to apply it, etc etc)
@flameeyes @voxpelli @felixge but when contributing to a CC0 (or other public domain work), the contributor is also putting their contribution into the public domain, and are giving up their own rights. Depending on your perspective, that's working exactly as intended.
@flameeyes @voxpelli @felixge barring things like a copyright assignment agreement, the copyright holder isn't *giving up* any rights (except perhaps exclusivity, I guess). They're only *adding* rights for others to use the code under the terms of the license.
@flameeyes @voxpelli @felixge When contributing to a permissively licensed project like 0BSD, the copyright holder still holds the copyright to their contribution and can do whatever they want with it. They own it. They just *also* give an uber-permissive license for others to use it.
@flameeyes @voxpelli @felixge yes, and that's why CC-NC and friends are forbidden, for the reason you mention. But the public domain issue is a bit more subtle.
@flameeyes @voxpelli @felixge Ah, we're talking about slightly different things. The licenses that can be used in //thirdparty ( is not the same as the licenses that can be contributed to ( Again, that comes back to intricacies of public domain.
@voxpelli @felixge oh, interesting... I hadn't actually noticed the new "OSI approved" banner. (at least I think it's new?) @joshsimmons @baconandcoconut is that still rolling out? Any reason the 0BSD page wouldn't have it?
@voxpelli @felixge I think those concerns are unfounded (which is also why we finally classified Unlicense as "unencumbered" at Google after many years). But it's important to acknowledge them.
@voxpelli @felixge I've seen some lawyers automatically put guards up any time public domain is mentioned (not without reason, mind you). So Unlicense can be difficult to get accepted, even though there is an explicit license and the PD dedication is pretty well worded.
@voxpelli @felixge yeah, for new projects that I can choose the license for, I'd likely go 0BSD as well (which I did for my dotfiles). Most of my open source work for the past decade has been subject to employer policies, so /shrug
@voxpelli @felixge I've argued that sample code (and possibly API clients) really *should* be released under 0BSD/ISC style licenses, in order to remove every possible barrier to adoption. The benefit of more API usage typically far outweighs whatever benefit an MIT license would give you.
@voxpelli @felixge well, I'd add that it's pretty well accepted as an inbound licenses for large companies I'm aware of that really focus on these things. I don't think it's very common amongst these same companies as an outbound license.
@voxpelli @felixge Yes, 0BSD seems to be pretty well accepted. Anecdotally, I think ISC even more so, with similar effect. Though I'd ask "preferable" to whom? If the author would like credit for their work (which isn't a lot to ask), then MIT is perfectly suitable.
Apparently I never noticed Android's network settings let you specify a VPN as "always on". Now I can make sure @tailscale is always connected, even after a restart. As I add more local-only home automation devices, this is great.
I'm literally in the middle of updating my machines to @Tailscale 1.4.2, and all of a sudden they're all showing "Update available" again! ?? Yeah, 1.4.3 was released minutes after I finished upgrading.
Congrats Frannie, and all the other young women in the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts! It's quite an achievement and something to be proud of.
I've really been blown away by the Platform team here at Twitter. If you want to do some kernel hacking and help run the infrastructure that keeps Twitter humming along, this could be a really interesting role.
I've reflected on that blog post a lot over the last few years. And it absolutely changes the way I think about time with my boys, as frustrated with them as I may be in the moment.
@veganstraightedge I would do it in Google Domains (in the DNS tab). Which is nice because they'll handle SSL as well. Other hosts likely have something similar.
I can imagine this talking a bit to get used to, but it makes so much sense. Great additional resources further in the replies.
@fatih go-github was my fault. In hindsight, I kinda wish we had setup a vanity domain before it was too late to change it. I'm glad we added the extra "/github" to import path though; no need for import aliases, and allowed other top-level dirs like examples and scrape.
@markjaquith At least Pence would have the distinction of the shortest presidency in history. (Current is William Henry Harrison who died 31 days into office)
I would sort of expect "content:foo" to do that, but the search query syntax makes pretty clear that's not what that is for. There is no "type:contents" and "-file:website" removes plenty of legitimate matches
@srcgraph can you limit a search to *only* file contents, and not filename? example, this search includes files in the "website" directory that don't have "website" in the file contents:
Today I discovered I kinda wish GitHub had an OpenAPI spec 7+ years ago, so I could have taken this approach with Hand-writing a client for that large of an API is a lot of work.
This interview between @jack and @photomatt does a great job capturing why I'm so optimistic and excited about open source at Twitter. It's great to have leaders that understand and support the importance of open source and have the desire to give back.
I had not fully appreciated how progressive Twitter as a company really is until I joined. Not in the political sense, but in the commitment to push boundaries, and to try to do the right thing, even if it's a bit unorthodox. And it genuinely comes from @jack on down. #OneTeam
@natfriedman are you still on track for... "By the end of the year, we'll make it seamless for existing repositories to rename their default branch." ? Would love to start updating some of @Twitter's projects.
In case anyone else is having trouble with GitHub Codespaces dotfile installation... it now runs as root rather than the codespace user, and /bin/sh now links to dash rather than bash. Also might have months ago, and I just now noticed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I really wish Chrome OS supported alphanumeric PINs like Windows Hello. Allows for a really complex primary account password, but a more manageable device-specific password for unlocking your screen that's not just a 6-digit PIN. Windows definitely got this right.
@jaicesd I used a screenshot of your menorah tweet in an all-hands presentation today. Was talking about people celebrating the holidays a little early. Happy Hanukkah, btw. 🕎
ProTip: During customer meetings, maybe don't be so casual about how quickly and easily you can impersonate an account and access the customer's production data. Your SOC 2 certification doesn't mean a lot when your actions don't indicate that you are treating data with care.
My 3yr old was SO excited to open my zines from @b0rk, only to be sorely disappointed that there were no stories involving wrenches or hammers!
@ericnakagawa I did exactly the same thing earlier in the year... Killed a couple of bits trying to get through thick stucco, then bought a cheap hammer drill and proper bit.
RT @RafiDota: @BradleyWhitford Catholic, Folksy to a fault, Dr. Wife, initials are JB, minor injury to start the presidency...Confirmed thi…
RT @nicktornow: I’m happy to officially welcome @bnoire to @TwitterEng as our Core Infra Lead. Brian will lead teams responsible for runnin…
@vanriper I think that guidance is for when you are actually combining two separate words. But I don't *think* anyone would ever say "go lang"... it would just be "golang", so I would typically hashtag it as #golang. (though this is all just fun banter; don't really care that much!)
@voxpelli Oh, sure. And that's what tagging posts with "golang", or including that in URLs, etc makes sense to help with SEO. But in normal prose, the language is just called "Go".
Does the federal government have a "restore from snapshot" feature? Probably a bad idea since both sides would use it every 4/8 years and we'd never get anywhere. But it makes ya wish...
@simpsoka No tree up yet, buy lights are on the house and begun to decorate the mantel. Not even Thanksgiving yet, you say? Don't care, it's 2020... I need some holiday cheer!
@BalabanianErin Do yourself a favor and keep everything in UTC. Time zones are the real nightmare. Oh, and leap seconds. And well, everything. It's all very wobbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.
@chrismessina @googledocs okay, but what about all the rhetoric (not from you, just in general) around "if you aren't paying for the product, then you *are* the product"? Now you pay for the product. /shrug
I think hyperlink support was the last big feature I really missed, so really happy to see it added! I may have said it before, but I'm honestly shocked how much Windows has become my preferred dev environment with WSL2 + Terminal + @code
@tessak22 That's how ours work out, but really only by chance. We are both absolutely adamant about our hang direction, but we're on opposite sides of the closet so they both end up facing forward. Hanging up the kids' clothes is where the real battle lines are drawn! 😂
The one long-running, still unresolved debate in our home. Should hangers open to the left or to the right when looking at the front of a shirt? Check your closet; which direction do you hang up your shirts?
I'm really exited to have @alanbato join the team. He's already done some much for @TwitterOSS as an intern, and I can't wait to work with him full-time now!
@piamancini @Google hmm, really? You don't have something like this? I tried and it seems to work for both my personal Gmail account and my work G Suite account. 😕 No idea about them fixing it. I no longer have my inside track :)
@beyang Yes, it's still a thing. Not sure about meming in code reviews (assuming that's CR?)... I never saw that too often. I think it's popularity may have waned, but that very well may just be my personal bias of mostly ignoring it.
RT @kelseyhightower: I've not seen this kind of division between red and blue teams since growing up around gangs in the 90s.
RT @andypiper: We are building the next generation of the Twitter API, and you can make a huge difference. Take a look.
Honestly teared up a couple of times remembering how moving and inspiring that show can be. And how is that @RobLowe is the only one who still hasn't aged a day?! But seriously, this election matters to you. #YouNeedToVote
I was just thinking the other day that we missed an opportunity to abolish DST and move to the metric system during 2020 while no one was paying attention.
@gwachob I mean *technically* it's a valid hostname, but yeah that's definitely surprising and undesirable. I'll try to chase it down with the @TwitterSafety team to see if we might be able to do something. Honestly not sure.
RT @SpencerJCox: I’m not sure this has ever been done before...but as our national political dialogue continues to decline, my opponent @Pe…
@igb one nice thing with working from home is that my laptop is basically a desktop. I never move it, so the yubikey just lives in the port all the time. (I realize that doesn't work for everyone)
RT @hemos: I leave this picture in various folders for me to find again occasionally and smile.
@grigs @Twitter yeah... I realized after the fact that you showed that in the video. But the part that's crazy, which I failed to properly emphasize is that it's STILL muted after scrolling back up. If it muted when it scrolled out of view, why not fully reverse the action? I'll poke around.
@Not_the_Bee Is there a Bee equivalent to "eating the onion" (thinking an @TheOnion article is real)? How about "being stung by the bee"? Is that already a thing?
@grigs @Twitter I'm right there with you! It was/is on my list to ask someone about. And even when you scroll the video back into view, the sound is muted. So if I scroll down without thinking, I have to scroll back up, unmute, and then rewind a few seconds to where I left off :-\
@OrkoHunter @TwitterOSS @Remy_D well certainly not brand new, as you're well aware. 😀 I just realized that we only needed a tad of cleanup in order to be able to make this public. And in fact, some if it was already published in
Wait a minute... this is a joke, right? There is no way Google would launch a brand new Chromecast that doesn't support Stadia. Right? Uh, hey guys.... right? (wish I would have read that before I just unboxed it)
@cwilso If the candidates don't have to abide by the pre-agreed-to rules, then why should the moderator? Just lay into them. I think they should seriously take Arnold up on his offer
@cwilso I would watch the debate for the Kalawao County dog catcher if it meant I got to see a moderator actually put the candidates in their place and show some civility.
I don't even need a bike, and I'd buy this thing! That's actually not true, I totally need a bike! My 5 year old has been driving me crazy. Who even still has decent mid-range bikes in stock these days? (sub-$1k or so)
At what point does @SusanPage say, "Vice President Pence, I am sick and tired of trying to keep you to your time. Would you please shut up?!"
This is super cool. But what I REALLY love about this is being able to see how they use GitHub Actions :)
@ericnakagawa @cdibona I suspect you are already familiar, but for those that aren't, is just full of this. It's one of my guilty pleasure subreddits.
Listening to the Google vs Oracle arguments to the Supreme Court. It's amazing to me that this whole case hinges on the interpretation of just 69 words in 17 U.S. Code § 101 and 102(b) (US Copyright Law). But I guess that's true of most court cases... arguing just a few words.
RT @DuaneOBrien: I'm over here promoting #Hacktoberfest participation, and there's a lot of community discussion right now about the burden…
@chrisjrn @mrdoob requested this a couple of weeks ago, which I suspect was the impetus. But yeah, really good timing for this month :-\
@flameeyes I honestly feel like you're writing a book called "Life after the Plex", and all your replies to me are just snippets from different chapters. 😆
I kind of hate myself for how much I've been using LinkedIn the last few weeks. Is that weird? I'm not even sure why... maybe I'm still holding a grudge from something.
I've gotta admit, I was a little nervous about losing tools like codesearch when leaving Google, but I was very pleased to discover Twitter rolled out @srcgraph earlier this year. I feel so right at home!
@DivineOmega @Twitter running alongside a fast moving train so I can hop on board without getting hurt or slowing things down :) Honestly just ramping up and listening a lot to identify where the greatest and most urgent needs are.
@rothgar @Twitter I'll have to learn about what system that is, as I'm not familiar with it. Though certainly a big part of my work will be making sure that we're thoughtful about what we open source.
We started a tradition last year of doing pictures and cookies on the first day of school. I felt it only fair that I got the same treatment. Freshly baked white chocolate macadamia nut cookies... my favorite!
Excited to announce that today is my first day at @Twitter as their Open Source Lead. There's so much great work happening here, and it's such an important time to ensure everyone has the power to create and share ideas!
Took about a dozen attempts over half an hour to process my @nytimes subscription earlier today. (Not sure why I only now did it 🤷‍♂️) Really hoping they're just completely overwhelmed with new subscribers this weekend.
@thiagowfx @bradfitz @JeffDean I actually set a Gmail filter on my last day to mark all email as read and archived. I fought hard to get to inbox:0 during my last few weeks, and couldn't stand the thought of any stray emails ruining that.
@aslakr @ptarjan @indiewebcamp @kathykam @pfefferle Oh, I don't disagree! I didn't realize that the github repo was archived until this thread. My guess is that the current schema provides enough value for what FB needs, and so they consider it "done". But I don't actually know.
@aslakr @ptarjan @indiewebcamp @kathykam @pfefferle He is, but OGP has always been a Facebook project, and neither of us have ever been directly involved. We just did the WordPress plugin using the public docs.
@aslakr @ptarjan @indiewebcamp Hmm, not sure. I was never involved with the project itself. I suspect that the answer to who maintains it now is probably no one. /cc @kathykam who may know more
@juliaferraioli @IanColdwater For what it's worth, that Knob Hill bourbon you all got me is really good! (a bit strong straight, I like it with one ice cube). Coming in very handy tonight 🙁
After 10+ years at Google, it's time to move on to something new. Today was my last day. I'm so proud of the work I got to be a part of, and honored to get to work with such an amazing group of people. And I'm really excited about what's next.
RT @meyerweb: I love this half-hour film’s study (which I first saw parts of in a @jensimmons talk) of both sides of a technological phase…
@lacker @prestonattebery Allowances have been made to bypass the Highlander Rule. For example, it's often spelled FAANG to accomyboth Apple and Amazon. So FAANNG? Now we just need another F and G 😀
@LeaKissner The original backend for @gsoc was named Melange. Pretty sure that was @cdibona's doing. The would-be replacement was called sandworm, but it didn't survive.
RT @arduino: 🎉 The wait for Arduino Science Journal is finally over! 📲 The free, open source app can now be downloaded from @GooglePlay an…
@juliaferraioli Also, why must every remotely automated system be described as "done by AI"? This isn't AI, it's substring matching. And they're defeating it with 90s-era keyword stuffing, so good on them!
@verso @GUNNAROptiks Hey! Things are going pretty well 🙂 With school starting (and both kids in school now) it's pretty busy, but manageable. We were actually just daydreaming about coming back to PDX the other day. Won't happen, but was fun to think about.
Note to future self: take off the tinted computer glasses BEFORE tweaking terminal and IDE color schemes. I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out why white didn't look white (though I do love my @GUNNAROptiks SheaDogs)
Hey @XboxSupport, apparently I could only activate Xbox Live on my 5yr-olds account using IE11 (no kidding!) Chrome and Edge both gave redirect loop when logging in with my parental account to approve activation.
Every online service should have a disavow link in their welcome emails. The number of people that mistakenly enter the wrong email address is staggering. I've only seen a few services have disavow links (Facebook comes to mind), and it's delightful.
@DuaneOBrien @humanutility @tiffani Simple Bulleit Rye on the rocks. Donation sent over to @humanutility in honor and celebration of you! :)
Way to go San Mateo County and @smcvote! Mail-in ballots for all registered voters, clear statement combating mail-in voting fear-mongering, and plenty of opportunities to turn in ballots all around the county.
@juliaferraioli I'm really hoping that's what you said in your perf self-eval! :) Seriously though, I'm sure there's some subtext here. Just know that you (not just your work) are absolutely valued by people who care a lot about you.
This is a great and inspiring recap of Samson's journey in open source, including some things I wasn't aware of. He's doing such amazing work, and is just a fantastic person.
Today I noticed that clicking "Home" after reading a tweet goes back to where I was in my timeline rather than re-scrolling to the top. Has that always been the case, and I never noticed? Regardless, I love it! No more always opening tweets in new tab for fear of losing my place
I need some helping choosing the best "no" gif to reply with here. (And I'm a little concerned about the bias in Google's suggested responses)
I missed this thread the first time around, so I'm really glad Paul bumped it up. This is so true, not just for engineering teams, but for teams of all kinds.
(posted after spending an hour and a half in the most uncomfortable MRI I've had in a while. Getting your head and neck in a comfortable position BEFORE you have to hold perfectly still makes a big difference!)
This is really interesting. I honestly didn't know the capitalization made a difference, but that does make sense. Now I'm thinking about all the other places where I use all lowercase for aesthetic reasons that might be making life more difficult for screen reader users. 😕
Imagining an alternate X-Men universe where Magneto helps humanity. Instead of x-ray vision, he has MRI vision, diagnosing unknown illnesses of random strangers. The only catch is, he randomly yells "BRRRR!!! BRRRRR!!!"
@steveivy @boyscouts Yeah, I'm honestly more worried about the organization even existing at all (or in a state I'd want to be involved) in 10-12 years. And I'm going to be really upset if they end up losing Philmont. I turned 16 on the trails, the last day of our trek. Great memories!
Surprising and interesting email from @boyscouts. Apparently I earned my Eagle rank 20 years ago today. Really hoping one of my two boys shows interest in scouting so they can be a 4th generation Eagle scout. I can't imagine there are too many of those
Wow, I can't believe I missed this when it launched! This explores the intersection of two of the biggest things in my life.
@juliaferraioli ah, phlebotomy is just about drawing blood? That makes sense. And I never should have doubted you to take every opportunity to use fun words! :)
@juliaferraioli Gotta say, I'm truly disappointed you didn't use this as an excuse to use the word phlebotomist 😁 But very glad to hear you're getting good care there
@DuaneOBrien @maggiepint @techgirl1908 Exactly this! I always associated butter pecan with my dad growing up, but now it's totally my go-to ice cream flavor (that and pralines and cream), and totally makes me feel old for whatever reason.
@juliaferraioli @cdibona I will gladly take the blame for that! 👅🍪 @cdibona do you know an alternate phrase that conveys the same meaning as effectively?
For folks interested in exploring this more, I recommend @nayafia's latest book "Working in Public" that dives pretty deep into these ideas.
RT @DuaneOBrien: Fascinating observation by @youknowjack regarding the rate at which "master" have been deleted on GitHub. Jack wrote abou…
Google takes a lot of flak for shutting down products, many times well-deserved. That's why I'm that much prouder of how the team has handled the thoughtful and careful hand-off of Science Journal to Arduino.
So, so happy to have this blog post published. We've had multiple posts like this stuck in draft form for years because it can be so hard to talk about these kinds of numbers with the right context, and I think the team did a great job here.
@chrismessina @doctorow @bluesky Are those things mutually exclusive? You can federate and still have customers that are willing to pay for a premium experience or additional features, insights, etc. No different than open source.
@doctorow 👍 for clarity though, are you saying Obama has been pushing for these things for years, or that it woulda been nice if he had done more during his presidency? (Honestly asking, as I don't remember if he did or not)
A very timely sequel to Little Brother and Homeland. If you haven't read those yet, I highly recommend them!
@beyang Definitely something that I adjusted to over time. The Topo anti-fatigue mat helps a lot too... I'm constantly moving back and forth while working.
@devgerred @mr_ndrsn @shanselman @cinnamon_msft @steveklabnik Sorry, wasn't meaning to intervene... Just thought there was a hidden tip lurking here for doing dev work on windows. 😁
@devgerred @mr_ndrsn @shanselman @cinnamon_msft @steveklabnik Fwiw, I've also found Windows (though with WSL in my case) to be a lovely development environment.
@devgerred @mr_ndrsn @shanselman @cinnamon_msft @steveklabnik Can you say more about not using WSL2? Are you just developing directly in windows, in a docker dev container, something else?
It's a baby step to be sure, but we will be requiring inclusive language (starting with "master/slave" and "blacklist/whitelist") in Google open source projects. Many have already made the change.
This video is just so fantastic! (And just in time for the @HamiltonMusical film releasing on Friday)
Unexpectedly found myself watching video after video from @MiriSuzanne this morning explaining different concepts in CSS I haven't kept up with. Here's a great place to start with understanding the role of CSS in general:
@jsswensen @jasonfried The image proxy is a simple caching pull proxy. Of course, if you're doing end-to-end encrypted email (PGP, etc), presumably Hey wouldn't be able to render it at all, so the image proxy wouldn't matter
@NateTheFinch @bradfitz Taking down our gate at the top of the stairs was a pretty great day (youngest is 2 1/2). My wife hasn't let me take down the gate at the top of our deck stairs, but that one's next!
What's this? Oh, it's an imageproxy URL hiding in HEY! Pretty cool!
@TheObiOfLagos @wesley83 @GoogleOSS Unfortunately not. Student application was back in March. ( But definitely look out for the timeline for next year. Or better yet, just go ahead and start contributing to open source now.
@radkat I've seen a handful of folks use `git praise`, often as a simple alias. But yeah, the connotation of `git blame` has never sat quite right with me.
@veganstraightedge oh wow, I really like this! I'm not aware of prior art, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. I was actually just thinking about this the other day (wanting a no-JS expanding menu), but no idea how to pull it off
RT @bradfitz: Google wrote a style guide on writing inclusive documentation: It's a good doc but seems like givin…
RT @xpasky: @billygriffin22 @codervandal @natfriedman @Una @github I picked the names "master" (and "origin") in the early Git tooling back…
RT @cdibona: This is super neat. The team and @eric_brewer really did a wonderful job setting this up.
RT @thockin: I have seen this make the rounds over and over, and I watch it every time. And every time it tears me up.
RT @jack: Both Twitter and Square are making #Juneteenth (June 19th) a company holiday in the US, forevermore. A day for celebration, educa…
RT @WhyHiAnnabelle: Today we expanded the scope of the Google Vulnerability Rewards Program to cover critical open source dependencies in G…
This is pretty awesome. I love when we're able to publish more of our internal docs and processes publicly.
@joshsimmons @ajorg @_msw_ @jacobian @juliaferraioli If Googlers are working on or with an open source project in their 80% time, then submitting those changes upstream is very much part of their day job. That shouldn't be (and as far as I know isn't) relegated to 20% time
@cdibona @therealfitz @dnaltews @ficus @onoratoj @imalchev Yep, and it's still around! Though it gets less use now that going to the rest of campus requires taking Shoreline over US 101. I'm pretty sure cars will specifically aim for you if you're on a segway.
ooh, new book from @itsDanielSuarez out today! He's one of a very small handful of authors that I will buy anything from without a second thought.
RT @Deepfreeze32: @alicegoldfuss I can’t remember where I heard it, but this saying stuck with me: “What good is fixing a pipeline problem…
@alexjamesbrown Hah. Looks like I had my imageproxy instance ( hard-coded in the source. So would definitely need some work 😁
@alexjamesbrown I honestly don't remember the state that I left things in, since I moved of WP years ago, but here's as far as I got:
RT @sarahmaddox: I'm delighted to announce Season of Docs, a new Google program that fosters collaboration between technical writers and op…
RT @GoogleOSS: Announcing Season of Docs, a new program that connects technical writers with open source projects! We hope Season of Docs…
@kqed keeps saying "comcast dot business dot com" on the air. Shouldn't that be
Well crap. Just heard about the @travisci layoffs. I hope everyone comes out of this okay. Our open source eng team is all distributed and remote friendly, though no open positions at the moment. Still DM for other opportunities at Google. #travisAlums
Thank you so much for moving to GitHub Apps, which has much more granular permissions (, but that is of no benefit if you still has for write permission when logging into
@travisci could you please, please, PLEASE stop asking for permission to "read and write all public and private repository data" when logging into
@jeanguillon @CydeWeys is still the home of Google Open Source. is just a small single-page educational site we built.
RT @Nicolas_T_T: See this excellent introduction to open source by @GoogleOSS Gentle and gradual explanation, with…
@YaguraStation @joshsimmons @GoogleOSS @theunlicense if you want a "just do whatever you want, I don't care about attribution" style license, I would recommend the Zero-Clause BSD (aka Free Public License):
@joshsimmons @YaguraStation @GoogleOSS @theunlicense though it's worth noting that we actually do accept @theunlicense at Google for inbound open source code, and classify it the same as CC0
@joshsimmons @YaguraStation @GoogleOSS @theunlicense more on OSI's review of the unlicense can be found here: It's worth noting that "compliant with the OSD" does not necessarily mean "OSI approved". The point of OSI's license list is to remove uncertainty around OSD adherence.
What does a cuckoo, the Mona Lisa, and a bicycle have in common? They can all help you learn about open source licensing at
There's plenty I disagree w/ my fellow Googlers about, but providing resources for sexual harassment victims and not rewarding perpetrators is clearly something we can and should all get behind. #GoogleWalkout
@ChrisAldrich @chrismessina @simonw @steveivy @singpolyma @kevinmarks @diso huh, I didn't notice the 10 year anniversary of DiSo actually was last year (Dec 7, 2017). Most all of the protocols and formats have changed in that time, but the spirit of the project and community is still very much alive and active!
@DrDeeGlaze @CoralineAda (catching up late) we auto-scrub some links and emails before these docs get published publicly ( That email is though :)
Very sneaky Google Opinion Rewards... including Reader as an option. Really looking for people who lie on these surveys, huh?
These loaner Chromebooks have saved me several times and it's great to see it made more broadly available ( And the whole tech stack that makes it possible is open source!
If you've never heard Karen's story about her heart, this articles exemplifies why she's so passionate about it. Plenty of recordings of her talks over the years:
I haven't really maintained this docset for a while after switching to chromebooks, but I'm grateful that @weppos is taking things over to keep it up to date!
Thanks to @sqs for coming and talking at our latest @todogroup meeting about @srcgraph. And thanks for the great baby-sized swag! :)
@aboodman Though to be fair to OpenSSL, there was no good way to handle that. The previous licensing was a mess, and the work they did to straighten it out as best they could was commendable. Certainly makes for a good cautionary tale.
@aboodman OpenSSL is a good example of the pain (and controversy) involved with changing licenses without a pre-existing CLA (,
@aboodman The AUTHORS file is really about recognition, it doesn't have any legal bearing. Contributors own the copyright to their contributions whether we list them in an AUTHORS file or not.
@aboodman Each individual or company only owns the code they contributed. Relicensing would be possible because all contributors signed a CLA, but there'd have to be a *really* good reason to do that. We've only ever relicensed a small handful of projects.
@bradfitz @Patreon @opencollect I really like the transparency @opencollect provides. They're also really active in recent open source sustainability efforts like @sustainoss
Inside this structure (the Aedicule) is the Holy Sepulchre, claimed to be the cave Jesus Christ…
"Stars & Bucks Cafe" in Bethlehem. These are apparently all over Palestine. Unfortunately I…
Fascinating. Under Israeli copyright law, a commissioned family portrait is owned by the family, not the artist/photographer. I love that!
Things have definitely been harder than we expected with two. But as @JadeRossdale said, some perspective is helpful.
@WebReflection @cdibona @reactjs @polymer webm was mentioned b/c that's when we first used this separate patent license years ago. We've since used it in other projects as well, including polymer. Diff with react is scope of retaliation clause. Read about strong vs weak retaliation clauses at
This is great news; I'm happy to see these released under standard license terms! (now if only they'd stop calling Nuclide "open source")
Don't underestimate the importance of commit messages and bug reports to tell the story of code development
Really proud to share our experiences at Google in this set of guides, and hope others find them valuable.
RT @OpenSourceForU: Sunday Special: Google has big plans to lead the race in the open source world! #OpenSource #Go…
Apparently Napster v2 beta 5 fit on a 3.5" floppy disk. Humorously, this photo wouldn't fit on one.
TSA pre✔️, alarm on metal detect, opt out of milli wave, 1st pat-down sounds 2 more alarms, 2nd private pat-down okay. Now on my way. Sheesh
Backing up some google drive folders to coldline google storage for extra redundancy. rclone is amazing for this! thanks @njcw
Google Open Source: using, releasing, and supporting FLOSS code and communities. #gdgsummit17
@gRegorLove okay, go demo server is up now too. All of them are proxied through my server for cross origin issues which may be solved now, not sure
If you're at Google I/O this year, I'll be hanging out at the community lounge on Friday morning. Come say hi :)
Two hours until I have to report back to jury duty. Who knew there is a San Mateo County History Museum? Checking it out after lunch.
@AnnykaPetrik4 @RedHairTech I would be very surprised if it was gone. We screwed it in pretty well, and I can't imagine them caring to do much about it.
RT @bkeepers: Do you run an open source project that is not on GitHub? We’d love your participation in the Open Source Survey…
After 3 long years, it's finally time to say goodbye to my 11" MacBook Air. It just couldn't keep up anymore and battery life was miserable.
Hackathons, please post terms stating participants own their work, else many company's employees can't participate
Can't say I ever fully adjusted to @JenLedger vocals (I still miss @koreycooper). That may have all changed with
So despite Zuck's claim in his recent "Building Jarvis" post, it looks like Nuclide is not actually open source
Introducing some co-workers in my vanpool to the Star Wars Holiday Special via Chromecast in the van. This is pretty ridiculous.
Way more excited to get this than I ought to be about a bag. #everydaybackpack thanks @peakdesignltd
seems that @benbalter and team have been busy making @github pages even more awesome. Thanks for the hard work!
RT @mer__edith: Proud to work with great people to make the foundation of the internet a little more secure. OSS-fuzz, now in beta! https:/…
I'm proud to be a @conservancy member. It's not about vilifying @vmware but ensuring that OSS licenses are respected
Amazing 4-yr-old @scalzi essay about privilege I'd never seen. Thanks to @timbray for mentioning it in a recent post
Amazingly impressed that @gophercon has a "Significant Others & Family" track! Never seen anything like this before
My prediction is that they'll also drop the "10." from the version. So WWDC will see the announcement of "macOS 12"
What? I can use my phone to get money out of a @BankOfAmerica ATM? okay, that's actually pretty cool corrected link:
RT @iwontsignuphere: jagger & @willnorris brainstorming. pics of #indiewebsummit's day 1 will be uploaded soon! #indieweb…
Perhaps the youngest presenters at an @indiewebcamp? 8 and 10 year old Z&T demoed /cc @shanselman
totally loving the new subtests feature coming in go1.7. Great for running the shared microformats test suite
RT @waxpancake: Oh, hey, I just brought 7.6 million @upcomingorg URLs back from the dead.
RT @hakanuysal: I was gonna write my own image proxy but tried @willnorris's go app and now @paylasio images are backed by…
@brainwane on making OSS more welcoming: maybe we can take turns being uncomfortable so the same people don't have to feel u11e all the time
In @tiffanyfayj's "raising a gopher in record time" talk at @lfnw with @bradfitz . Good overview of resources for folks new to go
RT @lejatorn: I'll be at @lfnw with @bradfitz @radkat and @willnorris tomorrow. I recommend going to the @Camlistore talk:…
okay @github, your move. No excuse now not to provide SSL for custom domains hosted on GitHub Pages.
really good advice here that certainly makes accepting contributions to an open source project much easier.
Shooting the moon with spotting scope @jaderossdale got me for Christmas (still needs work)
@geekfeminism looks to have defaced some links (at least the second one), but I can't seem to undo the change. help?
@WilllNorris13 so is your middle name actually James as reports? Would find that to be quite the coincidence.
Please tell me that I'm not the only one annoyed by the use of the word "middlewares". It's just "middleware", like "software". #golang
RT @bkeepers: Great analysis of the “Truck Factor” of popular open source projects @mtov -
RT @inconshreveable: ngrok production servers, max GC pause: Go1.4 (top) vs Go1.5. Holy 85% reduction! /cc Go team @enneff @francesc @_rsc …
awesome, guess I'll be credited in WordPress 4.3 thanks to a five year old bug+patch I submitted getting merged :)
I love perusing the GitHub accounts of Go team members; today I found @_rsc's which goes beyond golint and go vet
RT @github1k: Congrats! google/go-github just got 1k stars. Learn more at @willnorris #github1k #golang…
nice article, but since when did @verge qualify as "non-commercial"? (note image credit at bottom of
only 5 min into @golang's and already learned about wrapping http.ListenAndServe in a log.Fatal call.
thanks @Square for including the "Not your receipt?" link in emails to allow unlinking my email that was mistakenly entered by someone else
RT @JadeRossdale: Totally just binged listened to the Serial Podcast on the drive down to so cal. Very engaging. Great change of pace.
@erinjo oh hey... just noticed you were talking at #ATO2014 this afternoon. Didn't know there were other indiewebbers here :)
somehow I never realized you can turn @github issues into PRs using the API. Would LOVE to see this exposed in the UI
why does @cloudflare require taking over all DNS traffic, versus just pointing an A (or CNAME) record at them? Not even as an option?
RT @todogroup: And we're live! Bringing together companies to improve all of our open source programs. Find out more at…
How I push-to-deploy my site without accidentally killing local changes I sometimes have on the server
Got to see a small concert with Chad Wilkins at Google this afternoon... really loving this guy
using nginx to proxy #indieweb webmention requests offiste, while still serving a static form on the same URL:
Verifying myself: I am willnorris on QTOVGlJDX1eT4zoffq0nOiq4CFVLCUGpcbZT /
Google domains is one of the more exciting products for me personally Google has released in a while #indiewebcamp
@schnarfed #IndieWebBugReporting :) (POSSE'd to #indieweb
why go-github uses pointers for struct fields and (in some cases) you should too:
.@kickstarter inviting me subscribe to your new "Happening" newsletter is one thing. auto-subscribing me == not cool.
RT @indirect: all the RFCs offline and searchable locally! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee (thanks @willnorris!)
don't build frameworks. harvest frameworks from existing, working code. Good tip from @neal4d at #DevNation
@beaulebens to be fair, error message on @wordpressdotcom : ERROR: Passwords may not contain the character "\". #insecurity
ever wanted to read RFCs inside #dashapp (@kapeli)? I threw together a new docset this week:
.@schnarfed I found where I read that you shouldn't use HSTS with HTTP. It's right there in RFC 6797! :)
webmention likes and reposts now displayed as a facepile on WordPress #indiewebcamp
wrapping up IndieWebCamp SF 2014 ... made a LOT of progress on my personal site this year
@john_nye probably a bit late to be suggesting this, but did you look at NewBase60 when working on short?
@AndrewWrites re: where did you get the impression the github repos were maintained by third-parties?
@typekit catch 22: my account is suspended b/c of no credit card, can't downgrade b/c too many kits, can't reduce # of kits b/c suspension
I finally finished migrating off of the Jetpack plugin by building a self-hosted image proxy in Go:
RT @bradfitz: To every site whose "CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW!" 'call to action' is all over but the "Sign in" is hidden away: Fuck you. Chainsa…
@droneio any chance you would consider adjusting response headers so that loads in browser?
What is the best practice for managing commercial (but still open source) WordPress themes in version control?
thoughts on @klintron's latest Wired piece about #indiewebcamp, as well as @mikeelgan's "blogs of auguest"
Really excited that @koop's idea for reorganizing WordPress core will happen as part of the 3.7 dev cycle
Favorite new response to recruiters: "No thanks, but if *you're* interested in something new, Google is hiring…
Extremely disappointed that @wordcampsf attendee badges include Twitter handles, but not blog URLs #ownyouridentity
Looking for a startup idea? How about better software for smaller places like @hotel_lucia
@tantek in 2011: "And yes, assume the NSA is recording/indexing all your phone calls."
@pengwynn just ran across (love it!) but orders seem to be disable now. Any way to get one anymore?
@WordCampSF please oh please tell me you are putting blog URLs on attendee badges as well, not just Twitter handles. #ownyouridentity
TIL, while reading about the new main element recently added to HTML5, that the Scooby Doo Algorithm is a thing
RT @ikai: The ever amazing @willnorris releases a #golang library for the Github API. Check it!
@geekygirldawn looks like there's a small typo in your email address on @puppetlabs CLA form:
@technoweenie is there a reason many of the *_url fields aren't documented in the GitHub API? Keeping docs simple, or just on the todo list?
@aaronpk can you check why is rejecting (http works fine, so my guess is SSL error?)
posterous is only the latest example. If you care at all about your content, you owe it to yourself to buy a domain
@github @travisci looks like authorization text for new user:email scope is wrong, it reads: "Read your public information"
@travisci why does logging in need access to update my GitHub profile and repos? Isn't the "repo:status" scope sufficient for what you do?
So @timbray inspired me a couple of weeks ago, and is now #PrivateByDefault So who's next?
@beaulebensbut I can't very easily fork that and submit pull requests :) (not a fan of attaching patch files to trac)
@mgifford I should note however, that no updates doesn't necessarily mean it's still accurate :) I just moved on to other things.
uh, this fishing DM doesn't bode well for a company in the security and identity business. /cc @ProtectNetwork
wait, what? just saw @verso in the @1Password support forums listed as "staff". Wow, great hire @agilebits !
published my first chrome extensions which tries to detect the Google+ profile for any website
RT @fineartdavid: Another cafe where the wifi doesn't work. I'm operating a strict "no ordering until I see goog @ Café Hundertwasser ht ...
@joyent perhaps (apparently some old blog is still running there?) should be redirected to (new blog)
@BenKasica you still use your old hotmail address? Was going to send you a Google+ invite if you're interested
RT @Viper007Bond: Mastering One's Own Domain, and No, This is Not a Seinfeld Reference:
Excited to finally be able to talk to family and friends about what I've been working on: (
first post using snowflake, my new WordPress plugin for syndicating personal published content #indieweb (
hoping to stop posting direct to Twitter by the end of the weekend (instead, posting to first, then syndicating) #indieweb
looking forward to heading back up to pdx this weekend for @indiewebcamp May try swinging by @beerandblog as well
congrats to the @flickr team on launching #oauth support. definitely a big milestone!
first jury summons in the 10+ years I've been eligible. At least they have WiFi so I can get some work done.
happy to see Gmail people widget released... it's been really useful internally at Google
wow. the click area for the ad on this ZDNet article ( is basically the ENTIRE background. sneaky and lame.
I can definitely understand how unity would be nice on a touch screen, but not a fan of it on the desktop #ubuntu
RT @mwinton: We're at the Giants game celebrating the end of #io2011. Apple has the area next to us. Celebrating the same thing?
I found this (older?) workflow tutorial written by @markjaquith curious if much has changed since
about to kick off merging 3 aperture libraries spanning ~8 years. Any recommended tutorials on project organization?
few things have made be prouder to be friends with the @urbanairship crew than today's launch of #UARevenge
apparently a Valentine's Day easter egg was added to the @googleio countdown clock nice work guys!
to commemorate exhaustion of the ipv4 address space, setting up a 6to4 tunnel for home network using
I actually love the fact that @youversion emailed me to check in b/c I've gotten a bit behind in my Bible reading plan. very cool
Introducing Hum, a personal URL shortener for WordPress, inspired by Whistle #diso2.0 /cc @t @monkinetic
Google is doing a ton of hiring this year Come work with us in Developer Relations
RT @1Password: Tip: Create a smart folder of all logins that use a particular password, then change them at your convenience. http://j.m ...
really wish @youversion search was a little more forgiving. "mathew 1:1" is not an ambiguous query, despite the misspelling
oh fun... now Windows Phone 7 sites are including "wp" in their names, like A little confusing for WordPress fans.
I've decided that ALL airlines suck more or less equally. Just go with the ones you have frequent flyer status with /cc @delta
wow, @delta baggage phone number is disconnected and their website is now saying I'll get my bag maybe before noon tomorrow? WTF?
So I barely caught my flight in Detroit and made it safely to Boston. My bag, however did not. It'll be delivered to my hotel around 1am :-\
I really hate flying, don't know why I still do it. An hour after scheduled departure and we're still on the Tarmac. Gonna miss connection.
Heading out to chop down our Christmas tree... After our awesome live tree last year, I'll never go back to fake trees
just discovered "All Logins" tab + ">" arrow in @1Password for chrome. Holy cow, so much better integration than ANY other browser!
Nice, got upgraded to first class. Too bad it's only a one hour flight from JFK to BOS. Maybe I'll get lucky again tomorrow for SFO flight
Really enjoyed The Social Network. Thinking about quitting my job and doing a startup... maybe get acquired by Google. ;-)
vote for XRD 1.0 is underway. If your company is an OASIS member, tell them to vote! (preferably "yes")
ha, Google Fiber trial is literally feet away from including the Facebook office (a few blocks from Zuck's place I think)
pretty cool, just noticed that @creativecommons is using my WordPress OpenID plugin
I propose renaming the microformats process ( to "Tantek's rules of order" #activitystreams /cc @t
really want to `git clone` a @spotify playlist to have local edits, merge changes from other forks, send pull requests, etc
actually a little surprised (in a good way, of course) by how many people at the wordpress meetup are using Chrome
at the SF wordpress meetup at Automattic, even though I've been neglecting my WP development for a while. Maybe time to remedy that!
wow, actually found the federal government portal ( useful... to find out if was legit. a nice surprise
A little annoyed that the mobile Gmail interface lacks a "show images" link. The native android app has it but not web UI, iPhone or android
love how the two iphone videos are lit completely different than the rest, brighter and warmer
as much as I love Wordpress [sic], I'm disappointed by ridiculous and short-sighted changes like
testing my advanced git skills by migrating wp-openid from svn to git. The catch is, full history is spread across 3+ different svn repos
you'd think I'd learn my lesson and stop flying through LAX. I've been stuck here twice on this trip now.
turns out listening to some really old @skilletmusic is kind of distracting... stirs up so many old memories
absolutely *love* new @github teams. Just converted activitystreams, openid, diso, and xauth to be team accounts
made it safely to Sydney. Fortunately was able to sleep most of the way, so don't anticipate *too* much trouble adjusting time
Good news: I made it to my LAX flight. Bad news: we're still waiting for a captain so no idea when we'll take off. May still miss SYD flight
Stuck on the Tarmac in Detroit... Likely gonna miss LAX flight, which means missing SYD flight too. Not happy
heh, I'm thinking we need to improve the grouping functionality of Diso activities plugin. Entire front page of is scrobbles
wordpress 3.0 is going to be a plugin developer's dream! So impressed with the custom post type implementation... good job guys!
Really wish I could give @mint read only access to my @paypal data so that it could give real names to all these transactions
RT @michaelrhanson Firefox Contacts 0.3 supports direct #webfinger resolution with person: URLs (freaking awesome)!
looking forward to digging into WordPress again when I have some time. Very excited about what's coming in the 3.0 release
not sure when this was added, but Bank of America now has scanned images of ATM check deposits viewable online. nice!
should an Atom -> HTML XSLT include hAtom in the generated markup? Or is that just too meta (and useless)? /cc @t @benward
Someone should build an XSLT stylesheet for Activity Streams that make them all pretty like. I'd look into adding to Buzz feeds #sparetime
XRD 1.0 - CD02 has been published! You have 28 days left to comment. :)
You know the worst part about test posts like the one I juast made? Having to then go and delete them from... (@ 55 Broadway, Cambridge...)
Android developers: (market URIs) + (QR Code maker) = (awesome)
@dropbox how about including the words "coming soon" in the title of posts like that in the future? Somewhat deceptive as it is now.
really excited to see plans of new @dropbox android app. NOT excited about the fact that it took me 10 minutes to discover it's months away
Well this sucks... Hwy 92 out of HMB completely stopped by Hwy Patrol. Can't see what's up ahead, but not likely we're moving anytime soon
on Google Maps, I can type "home" and it suggests my old address with "(home)" at the end. Can't find where this is managed. grr #UXfail
Just got Rucksack for Mac OS X completely free. Nothing paid! Really awesome! But hurry, only until March 23rd at
thinking how cool it'll be when the activity wiki feed will one day actually be marked with Activities
just got a call from a recruiter... at Google! Definitely the first time I've ever had my current employer try and recruit me
would love to hear some gmail power users talk about their label/filter strategy. Not basic tutorials, but serious work flows
So it's looking like @focusmarriage isn't actually being broadcast live, at least not on the west coast. Why not just be honest about that?
*really* appreciate the "from" address on @facebook emails. The extra +[unique_hash] allows for easy filtering without spoofability
amazed at difficulty in migrating from IMAP to standard GMail account. imapsync to the rescue, but not for mere mortals /cc @dataliberation
Have I mentioned how much it sucks that PHP core lacks a solid, easy to use HTTP client? Pretty sure I have, but it's worth repeating
Freaking incredible, and so well deserved. congrats @urbainairship team! RT @mtrichardson: Yes, we got funding:
RT @chrismessina: Google Buzz moves to auto-suggest model:
First day at the new job. Not really sure what to expect, but I am looking forward to working in an office with a team again
IPS is great when I want to share what I'm doing, but what about when I DON'T? Like standing on the train or in line? #ipad
oh, perhaps these aren't new additions to Bing Maps... I'm just viewing it now with Silverlight installed. That's disappointing.
super excited about @lettersapp. can't go wrong with @gruber at the helm. well maybe you can, but I'm still excited
There's nothing like trying to drive at 3pm to be reminded that we do in fact live right down the street from an elementary school
remembering who said the web is "already social". was @brynn who said "search is ..." Only found it b/c of Google's new social search #irony
so now four companies (GOOG, YHOO, MSFT, FCBK) hold 9 of the 19 seats on the OpenID Foundation Board? (well, sort of)
really annoys me when people simply invite all their contacts to a local event on Facebook. I freakin live 2000 miles away!
not terribly impressed by @whitehouse terrorism remarks. Really does feel like #securitytheater
only three days left in the public review for XRD 1.0 CD01. speak now or forever hold your peace
just discovered that you can block specific apps from Facebook news feed. I know what I'm doing for the next little while!
sitting down for about the fourth time to really try and get my head around Carrington Theme. Not hard, but you have to devote some time
okay seriously, when are we going to see an iPhone optimized version of the Google Finance site? (minus the fancy Flash charts of course)
just thinking, it's too bad @lifeluvmusic doesn't have a great logo I could get inked to go with Invincible Wear :)
really looking forward to updating some plugins to use new WordPress APIs, as well as working on new custom post types in WP3.0
credit card transactions at a German, and then New Zealand company triggered an anti-fraud call from BankOfAmerica within 15 minutes. nice!
wow, I don't think I've seen a single interviewer with @garyvee that actually gets what he's talking about. anyone?
wow, just got offered $10k for Not sure if it was legit, but certainly interesting. strange timing, given upcoming blog post
I'm really starting to hate "login with Twitter"... It conflates simple authentication with granting real access to my acct
okay, seriously pandora? My "angry rock" station is seeded by Korn, Manson, NIN... and you play "Come Together" by The Beatles?
still looking for service that implements TwitPic API, but uses my Flickr account for storage and tiny URL. Any suggestions?
sometimes left arrow key doesn't work for popping the stack in @tweetie for mac. Not sure why, but it's annoying (fix in Tweetie2 plz?)
making mulled wine tonight. @jaderossdale just took a sip of 80 proof brandy. Wish I had a camera ready to capture that face!
Okay seriously, when is Amazon going to create a new commercial for the Kindle? I'm kidding tired of this same one over and over
interesting... got my first spam message disguised as a twitter email. Kinda disappointed @britneyspears isn't really following me :(
Fred Meyer has the worst checkout system I've ever seen. Cashier also does the bagging, but has little room and are always slow as molasses!
Spotted guy in mid 20s at bus stop in Clackamas. Dressed normally - jeans, jacket, backpack... and stiletto heels #keepportlandweird
hey @privacyguard, about a nice diff tool to tell me what's changed on my credit report month to month. Or just provide them in XML
Our final, decorated Christmas tree. 1101 lights including the Moravian star given to us last Christmas by my family
hmm... itunes authentication server sure seems to be having trouble right now. Can browse store, but not login or download anything
err, apparently @paypal does alert you when a card is going to expire... I guess I have them turned off. I think i'll fix that now.
so apparently @paypal doesn't alert you when you have a credit card on file nearing its expiration date. That would be really helpful.
one big downside of new @stongspace servers at @expandrive: backups from @joyent accelerators take FAR longer than before
RT @ozh: Google DNS vs OpenDNS, the facts & millisecond benchmarks Bottom line: OpenDNS > Goog in the US, Goog & ...
love the new @twittermobile site, but don't know why this wasn't done as progressive enhancement on that comes later?
boo. New @comcast data usage meter isn't available when I login, even though I'm in the PDX test area.
not that the idea is new, but logo looks awfully similar to logo (and both identity related)
one good thing about Microsoft just revving major version numbers with IE, it underscores just how out of date IE6 really is
most churches will do a Christmas theme of Joy or Love. No, @doorofhopepdx is planning a special study of the seven deadly sins #notkidding
if my LinkedIn profile is to be believed, seems I started working on Shibboleth five years ago this month. #timeflies
quite sad... only 19 OpenID® Foundation members participated in vote for new IPR Process (18 yay, 1 abstain). wonder # of total members?
or just really smart value-add? give us some access to twitter, and we'll give you a better experience. feelings still mixed
wow... just realized you MUST link (and keep linked) @foursquare account to @twitter to get a friendly username. extortion?
Sorry, but the (R) in the post title looks pretty silly. I'm all for the OIDF protecting the OpenID® IPR, but...
how on earth could you think that a spec entitled "Extensible Resource Descriptor" is not actually about describing resources?! #mindblown
I was down to Inbox: 5. Now I'm back to 119, thanks to all the post-IIW discussions around the Hammer Discovery Stack. *sigh*
hey OpenID Foundation members - remember to vote on new IPR Process Document (it helps streamline creation of Working Groups) all with and without www. Would ya just pick one please ?!
If I switch to a different application while waiting for another to launch, the opening app should open *behind* the one I switched to.
sitting in OpenID v.Next session at #iiw, trying to prioritize spec improvements to tackle in the next 6 months. It's quite humorous.
Search for "world series" on Google, I get current inning, score, and next game time. Search on Bing, I get nothing useful
in a session talking about all the ways to attack an OpenID... taking copious notes and planning my assault. mwahaha! #iiw9
having mixed feelings on what the future of OpenID may hold. Lots of smart people with great ideas, but it feels like something isn't right
On accuracy of facebook identity data... @rlbob: I'm a 22 year old girl @jtrentadams: and you're fucking hot @rlbob: fuckin' a!
Judging by his facial expressions, you'd think the Decyfer Down drummer was rocking pretty hard. He doesn't hold a candle to Lori Peters
now that I'm kinda getting the hang of XSL-FO, the PDF version of the XRD spec is actually shaping up nicely. Just added embedded TOC.
thanks @beaulebens, that's much closer to what I'm looking for. Though mint sucks at letting me enter historical investment transactions
I think it's okay to stop seeding Ubuntu ISO on bit torrent now. Uploaded 24.8 GB over last couple of days. Wonder if comcast will notice
even @fidelity can't show my overall portfolio performance beyond the current trading day. I'm not a day trader, show me long-term graphs!
why can't google finance show me a graph for my portfolio like it does an individual stock? No easy way to see my overall 30-day performance
and what's with this dependency tree from hell just to install xmlroff via macports? xorg, sqlite3? really, that's necessary?
having to learn far more about docbook and xsl-fo than I ever cared to know. Really, I didn't need to know all this.
some days the code just flows right out of you. Today has been one of those days. I'm just gonna keep going with it as long as I can #gtd
seems only half of needed ubuntu 9.10 files were on alt install disc. Downloading the other half is taking FOREVER!
found another project named @diso - it's a desktop app for browsing an "Adult Baby Diaper Lover" fetish site #notmakingthisup
XRD 1.0 Committee Draft 01 is up Still needs OASIS quality check before final home at
curious that Mozilla #Raindrop screenshots show "" when it certainly doesn't looks like they own the domain
when are companies going to realize these stupid security questions are an anti-pattern? Now Fidelity is forcing them.
thanks to @jpanzer for moving this OpenID thread in a direction I can really get behind #bikeshedding
forming a love/hate relationship with how similar processing AX message parameters is to standard OpenID message parameters (aliases, etc)
the committee draft vote on XRD 1.0 has begun. With any luck, we'll have Committee Draft 01 this time next week, and public review for IIW
had all the vmware server I can stand. Switching over to virtualbox on ubuntu. Sadly ies4linux didn't render the same as WinIE
I wish @tweetie would alert me if the username I @reply doesn't actually exist. Should have been @drummondreed in last tweet
3-way call - @therazorblade on my iPhone, holding the mic up to my laptop with @drummonreed on Skype (in Oslo, Norway) #technologyatwork
RT @Viper007Bond: Easy embeds are now officially in WordPress 2.9: (that means native oEmbed support)
I'm a truly at a loss for words for how to explain to a client just how unbelievably bad the WP theme they are using is.
speaking of which, any companies/foundations able to sponsor my way to #iiw9? Apparently my current "employer" can't.
pushing hard to have XRD 1.0 Committee Draft 01 + open public review period in time for #iiw9. Gonna be cutting it close.
XRD 1.0 - WD07 published Simplified Link child elements, dropped linked XRD, simpler processing rules
seriously @vuze, wtf? You auto-install a Firefox toolbar with an app update that is full of crap that isn't even remotely relevant? Piss off
@tweetie bug: gray notification pop-up box always rotates with the phone, even if rotating is disabled
need lightweight service that implements TwitPic API, but passes photo on to Flickr so I can use it with @Tweetie
going on two and a half hours with the core Shibboleth team, working out changes & features for next major IdP release #i2mm
sitting in MACE-Dir working group session... curious to see if the topics have changed much in a year and a half #i2mm
@bradneuberg on web standards: First are ignored, then hyped, then written off for dead, then start getting real work done
released v1.3 of shibboleth WordPress plugin. Much better integration with WP auth system, WP 2.8+ only
kinda stuck with the OpenID library at the moment, so spending some time updating the Shibboleth plugin for WordPress
if (@ozh != @azaozz) { throw AttributionException("Oops, looks like I mis-attributed some stuff during my WordCamp talks") }
watching special bacon episode of Unwrapped on Food Network. Wondering when I'm gonna see @bacn on one of these shows. c'mon @kveton!
will the change in accounting rules mean that iPhone users will have to pay for OS upgrades like iPod Touch users to?
it scares me when a gov website is labelled "beta", normally used to disclaim responsibility when something goes wrong #openinternet
watching @vegasgeek talk about WP plugin dev on the #wcpdx live stream. I'll be talking about common dev mistakes this afternoon
Don't think I've ever seen a pastor reteach on the same passage b/c he didn't feel he explained it properly last week. Josh White is great
starting my day with some iPhone dev videos from Stanford... finally looking at implementing an idea for a medical app I've had for awhile
it amuses me when staunch liberals reply to @meyerweb's question with "the same". Judging by other things they've said, I call shenanigans
methinks @gruber's prediction was correct... new iTunes Store simply feels like a standard webpage, with navigation in the page and all
interesting... I didn't realize that Amazon was using OpenID internally. How long has that been going on?
just noticed AWS accounts support multi-factor authentication. But of course, you have to buy one of their fobs
@ryanbrenizer I know your new blog is all about photos, but 13.84 MB of content on the front page? Might want to trim that... just a tad.
I really feel like I'm setting myself up to be the punchline of a joke. How many ______ does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
neither pulling nor twisting the structure work. 9ft ceilings don't help either. Anyone in SE Portland want to swing by with a ladder? :)
any clue how to open this style of light fixture? no exposed screws, and glass part doesn't seem to turn #lazytweet
First of 22 straight days getting up at 5am to study Psalm 119 with men's group at Door of Hope... This should be fun
thinking about working this comment into my "How NOT to build a WP plugin" talk at @wcpdx Bad plugins = hard to upgrade
maybe not so much "whining" from @scobleizer, but "I don't feel safe with WordPress" is a bit sensationalist given his lack of due diligence
somewhat surprised by @scobleizer whining about WordPress security when he failed to make backups, or update WP when prompted *sigh*
published XRD 1.0 WD 05. Could this be the one that goes to committee vote? (probably not, but close)
finding bugs that have existed for years deep in a huge codebase is almost pornographic to developers
to get back into reading more, I'm starting with 1984. I've only had it on my shelf for like five years (thanks @shandahubka)
of course it needs Rosetta, but I'm happy to say that even Adobe Creative Suite 1 seems to run fine on Snow Leopard
@1Password must say that I find the 3.0 interface more distracting than helpful, though I do enjoy some of the functional improvements
wow, just realized Snow Leopard drops Java 1.4 (1.5 and 1.6 only). Not sure if it's still available for developers anywhere.
Snow Leopard saved me 200-300 MB. whoopadeedoo! Methinks much of the claimed space saving is print drivers, which I didn't have installed
funny that one of the things I'm really looking forward to with Snow Leopard is enhancements to screen saver password handling.
to better understand my excitement for Skillet's current success on iTunes: @jaderossdale and I met because of the band
holy cow! Skillet just passed Colbie Caillat and Awake is the #1 album on iTunes. congrats @benkasica @koreycooper @jenledger @johnlcooper
happy to have finally done. Minimalist design, but clean WordPress implementation (despite couple of stupid plugins)
haha, I love it! Enable XRD on your gmail account by adding "webfingeralpha" as an interest on your Google Profile.
I really need to stop looking at all the db changes these WordPress plugins make, and just finish this site. I think I'm gonna be sick
@JadeRossdale is roasting peppers over our gas stove. I swear, it seriously smells like marijuana. What is she making for dinner?!
excited about the future of StrongSpace, but only after reading both @Joyent's and @ExpandDrive's blog posts about it
wondering if Arrays.mergeSort will croak if my Comparable returns random +/- 1 instead of 0 on equivalent objects
heh, love how the v1.5 source of java.util.Arrays only bothers to javadoc public methods. I bet much of the java source is like that *sigh*
kinda sucks when your "go to" guy for library architecture questions lives in Zurich. He won't be awake for another six hours or so
as fun as writing the XRD spec has been *sigh*, I'm getting some pressure to deliver real code. Gonna spend most of today inside Eclipse
just closed out the last TODO on XRD 1.0. Not to say it doesn't still need editing, but there's nothing completely missing
so gs @mediatemple accounts don't include mailman? Any suggestions for mailing list service? Not @mailchimp, seems too focused on marketing
tried going to the PIE open house... some art thing downtown and parking was non existent. oh well, couldn't have stayed long anyway
dear @dogbountyhunter: please change your iPhone sounds. I keep thinking it's my phone ringing or getting a text, but it's just the TV :)
@turoczy I think I see what's causing your OpenID woes on @siliconflorist
wow, just love how the $PALM exec bio images completely distort on browser resize. How bout anchoring that image?
crap, just remembered that the WP-OpenID server doesn't support AX. Need that to make this OpenID proxy demo work.
scheduled to work on new OpenID proxy implementation tomorrow with @mtrichardson. I wonder how much python I can learn in a night?
wow, this just quickly turned into a very busy week, lots more meetings than I'm used to. Hopefully I'll find time to get real work done too
published my thoughts on a new kind of OpenID Proxy feedback is most certainly welcome
Having @jaderossdale read through my latest OpenID post before I click "publish". She's my litmus test on clarity and readability.
New post, "Best Practices with Directed Identity" It's really just setting up for my next post, though.
wow, Portland General Electric sending people door-to-door to talk about renewable energy options. We're now signed up for 100% renewable
when you have 800 MB of 404 logs filling up your database (stupid plugin), it takes mysql a few minutes to clear things out
so looks like I just locked up mysql on sorry about that folks. It should be back up momentarily... trying to clean up a bit
and now my NNW feeds and folders got *completely* screwed up. I'm going back to the old version until the day they shut it off (Aug 31)
seriously, sub-folders are totally broken when syncing NNW Beta. I understand the problem is with Google Reader, but still hella lame
so looks like the new Google Reader syncing breaks nested folders in NetNewsWire. @brentsimmons is that a known bug?
updating to the latest NetNewsWire. Not crazy about syncing to Google Reader, have never really liked it. Hope it doesn't screw up folders
trying (in vain?) to finish this blog post on directed identity. Perhaps I just need some music to help me focus
hanging on to my $YHOO stock for the time being... still up 3% for the year. Might regret this later... confidence in Bartz is waning
we got an small window AC unit. Our goal is to just keep one room of the house at a livable temperature, and never leave
it's currently 91°.... INSIDE our house. I'm thinking it's time to take a break and run through the sprinkler.
did I miss an announcement somewhere? Google Wave source code is stored in a mercurial repository on Google Code
So bloody hot @jaderossdale and I have retreated to sleeping on an air mattress in the kitchen. Take that, rising hot air!
One hour later with Apple tech, new higher wattage power supply, and no real clue what's wrong with the mac mini. Working better though
reading through the Oregon Wage Security Fund application, looks like I've been eligible all along. @chrismessina, you should take a look
Leave it to Josh White to have a men's Bible study at 6am on Friday. I guess it could be worse though... it could be on Monday.
OH (some teenager in NC): we're at Fort Macon. Macon sounds like bacon. Do you know how awesome bacon is?
.@johnolilly on Firefox being open source: "Some things are so important, you can't leave them to the market to decide"
hmph, @tweetie for mac tries to load the URL as an image even though it doesn't have a URL path (aside from "/") #bug
feel a bit slighted by Google releasing a competing proposal ahead of XRD (even though they're on the XRI TC)
signs of @1password addiction - I immediately quit LaunchBar when I saw it took over ⌘+\ shortcut. Will fiddle with its preferences later
oh fun... pretty sure I completely borked the pkgsrc installation on my Joyent accelerator. This is not going to be fun to fix
@ComcastOrSWWa sure, if you can get a tech out to Mt Tabor :) Modem failing to get IP via DHCP -- internet light just keeps blinking
wow, have barely been in PDX 1 week and Comcast internet has already flaked out. And of course technician can't come out until tomorrow
Great chat with the guys at @substance. They're working on some really cool projects from an information architecture perspective
not digging idea of updating my city on dozens of websites. I updated my hcard on why can't they just pull from there?
Big thanks to @stechz @myredtie @mtrichardson @koesbong and @paperlinds for helping us unload the truck. We're so happy to finally be in PDX
Looks like we should be rolling into PDX around 3-4pm. Will definitely need some help unloading the truck.
Truck is completely packed, apartment is cleanest it's ever been, and we're dead tired. Can't wait to get to PDX tomorrow.
anyone know the recommended way of marking up rfc2119 keywords in docbook? I need more than just <glossterm> so as to style it properly
learning the importance of using bloginfo() when appropriate, rather than calling get_option() directly. Back to the basics! #wordpress
Happy that is finally out the door. Still more to do, but we got something shipped (and moved to @MediaTemple)
@googlemaps ie. regardless of my zoom level, I can't get labels for Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean Sea, etc
noticing that @googlemaps does a pretty crappy job of adequately labeling bodies of water, especially in the middle east
looks like we'll be rolling into Portland on Sunday June 28th (early evening-ish). Anybody wanna come help unload the u-haul? :)
done with most all the XML parsing code for java-openxrd. Tomorrow we begin architecting the Discovery pieces. can't wait! :-\
wow, remote wipe in iPhone OS 3 works pretty well. Took about 2-3 seconds before screen went black and rebooted.
I'm continually amazed at how bad-ass the java-xmltooling library is. Doing *serious* XML work in Java? Have a look
so when I close my laptop to head to the airport, my entire online presence disappears? Yeah, that makes sense! *rollseyes* #operaunite
I simply don't buy the "[we're] at the mercy of middle-men who control the servers" argument... it's just silly #operaunite
So is #OperaUnite simply their answer to cloud computing / storage / services, b/c they know they can't compete in that space?
going crazy here. Why does jQuery('div') work on, but not on ? jQuery('#wrapper') works on both
Looks like dots are ignored in Facebook usernames, just like Google Profile. fb/willnorris == fb/will.norris == fb/
taking a few minutes to try implementing Chris's OpenID UI mockup ( Try it on (enter URL in comment form)
no stiff drink, but a 2005 Bordeaux does seem to be hitting the spot. That, and a nice big brownie
think I really a really stiff drink... then I can pass out and wake to realize this was all just a really bad dream.
just when you think you got it figured out, it all falls apart again. I'm really getting tired of this crap. Not sure where this leaves us.
please, for my wife's sanity, will people (@macgourmet FoodNetwork AllRecipes please start supporting hRecipe
looking for good example of two companies that have same stock ticker, but on different exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, TSE, etc)
@iandstewart do you monitor Google Code tickets? Or is there a better place to submit them?
Are you kidding me? Google's new Page Speed Firefox plugin goes off and creates "page-speed-*" folders in my home directory? Bad form!
oh yeah, my third WordPress Plugin Pet Peeve post (Not Being Extensible) auto-published this morning:
@singpolyma (in case you don't see the DM) what do you think of making (all?) DiSo plugins WP 2.8+ ? New Widget API and other goodness FTW
wow, 24 very spammy comments just came through. Thanks for nothing, Akismet. Installing cookies-for-comments
seriously, what's the point of saying "2 parts X, 2 parts Y" for a cocktail? If you're just doing ratios, then simplify it! 2:2 = 1:1
Heh, letting MUNI trains pass me by waiting for the T line. Forgot I'm going to pier 38 today, not UCSF. *sigh* I need more coffee
Running late for WordCamp developer day. Not good since someone put a DiSo session on the board for 11am
soft jazz saxophone playing at #wordcamp while we wait for session to start. Wonder if @photomatt is back stage playing :)
@byfayth: I just posted slides for my WordCamp talk: The day has been a blast so far! #wordcamp (via @mattcutts)
OH @photomatt: just for the record, when we named CrazyHorse (WordPress 2.7) we didn't know it was the name of a strip club in SF #wordcamp
@photomatt pointing out how the #wordcamp PDX t-shirt from last year is using the wrong logo... short & stumpy, rather than tall & elegant
@photomatt's first contribution to any open source code base (b2 - later to become WordPress) was regex to make curly quotes #wordcamp
guy next to me on MUNI this morning from MySpace, announcing new WordPress plugin built on top of OpenID plugin. #serendipity #wordcamp
OH @mattcutts: so now you have a dilemma, who do you hate more? The Nazi Party? Or the hackers who added spam to the Nazi website?
@byfayth I'm in a session with Matt Cutts from Google talking about WordPress and SEO. I'll take good notes for you :)
any good (official or third party) MySpace blog exporter, preferably with comments? @8bitkid have anything up your sleeve?
really not liking how reliant WordPress is on global variables. I'm sure it can be fixed, but it will take lots of time and desire to do so
Found another profile of mine with old employer info. Enough! You either pull from the authoritative source or nothing at all *sigh* if only
@alicam plugin_basename(__FILE__) (used by plugins_url) fails to detect plugin name if symlinked from outside WP_PLUGIN_DIR
would love to have reverse address lookup on @googlemaps: right click on a building and it tells me what business is there.
Dear WordPress plugin authors: Please stop hardcoding 'wp-content'. It completely breaks your plugin on my site
not sure how I feel about OpenID being the only authentication protocol on the screen. How about SAML and InfoCard? #iiw
OH @daveman692: If you've ever flown United Airlines, then you know they hate you as a customer #iiw
it required simply filing a dozen or so emails regarding the OpenID & Shibboleth WordPress plugins, but I'm finally back to Inbox Zero #gtd
back to honda dealership this morning to make sure they didn't screw up my car during regular maintenance this weekend. Then off to #iiw8
still a lot of work to do for XRD, but I'm finally pretty comfortable with the schema portion of the spec
thinking of all the awesome things I could do if WordPress had a better permission system. Maybe one day I'll get around to overhauling that
Waiting at SFO International arrivals watching some dumb reality show. The whole thing is just people walking down a hallway. I dont get it
WTF? I can't *remove myself* as an official rep for a company on Get @Satisfaction unless I'm an admin? How ridiculous is that?!
is it sad that I'm concerned about location service in PDX? Most there use @shizzow, but I really love @brightkite, especially on the iphone
I think my biggest complaint about the button-less trackpad is that my thumb rolls a little as I click, moving the cursor ever so slightly
having to setup a new workstation makes a strong argument for #LivingInTheCloud. Don't have to do it often, but it is still painful
@JanRain if I simply close the Google popup on UserVoice, it goes it a crazy redirect loop. Good work though! #OpenIDUX
@Tweetie no need to prompt me about "discarding an unsaved tweet" when the window is empty :) #TweetieForMac
download 2GB iPhone SDK, install it, then delete the disk image. Why do I have he urge to hang on to the file b/c it's "wasteful" otherwise?
I can't seem to find the microformats wiki page which discusses this: given a page full of hcards, how do you determine which is the primary
and finally, a reply to Kevin that doesn't include his name, but does include another non-followed person like @gwachob #fixreplies
@kevinmarks now a new tweet that's not actually a reply, but has his name at the front. (Sorry for making you the guinea pig, Kevin) :)
testing a reply via Tweetie to Kevin Marks that doesn't actually include his twitter name. Let's see if it gets hidden #fixreplies
dear bloggers. If you want to put a link under my name, please use Twitter doesn't define my online identity. I do
... and in other news, I got laid off yesterday with many of the other @vidoop crew. And I'm moving to Portland :)
kinda digging the new Growl-like notification in the bottom right corner of Facebook windows (
wow, four hours after placing MacBook order at, I get an email that it has shipped. Awesome turn around time!
if the limit were $500 and I was using 80% of my available credit, that would be one thing. But that's not the case. I hate credit agencies.
settling 2 really old debts plus charging ~$400 on the credit card for vacation results in 30 pt drop in my credit score. WTF TransUnion?
Doing my damnedest to get a Committee Draft of XRD 1.0 ready for IIW. No sleep for the weary, here.
wishing for easier way to remove an app from quicksilver index but not delete it entirely. Like removing iPhone app but leaving it in iTunes
really wish that @spotify had built-in AirTunes support like PandoraJam. At least the integration is there
getting a slow start this morning... okay, time to really buckle down and get this stuff done. XRD, here I come.
Building a fire while @JadeRossdale reads aloud from a circa 1950 book on bedroom manners. Quite humorous, so much we didn't know
@koesbong err May 2nd. Saturday