Nightly WebKit builds

The WebKit team announced a new site today where you can download nightly builds of the latest WebKit – very cool. I went ahead and wrote the following simple shell script to automate the process of downloading and installing the latest build:


curl -o /tmp/webkit.dmg

hdiutil mount /tmp/webkit.dmg

if [ -d /Volumes/WebKit/ ]; then 
    rm -rf /Applications/
    cp -pR /Volumes/WebKit/ /Applications/

hdiutil detach /Volumes/WebKit

Sure, it could be a little more robust (or you might prefer one of the other two builds), but it works. Put this in a new file, chmod +x it, and drop it into /etc/daily to have it run each morning.

(updated 2005-12-21 to reflect new webkit packaging and fix minor bugs)