What I'm doing now


After 13 years living in and around Half Moon Bay, CA, we are in the process of moving down to the Temecula, CA area. Elisabeth’s family lives there, and there are just a lot of reasons right now to move. There are also many reasons to stay, so this has been a very difficult process for us.

I haven’t been reading as much as I would like. Still mostly science fiction when I do. I’ve at least switched over to short stories for a while (currently Philip K. Dick) so that I don’t get so lost after long breaks.


I left Twitter back in May 2022 and joined Tailscale. After 10 years of working in open source program management, and over half of that time doing people management, I was ready to be an engineer again. The change in my happiness and satisfaction in my job has been significant.

(This is a now page.)