Norris Family

Hi, I’m Will Norris. I’m a follower of Jesus, a husband to Elisabeth, a father to Gabriel and Judah, a citizen of the indie web, and a software engineer at Tailscale.

Prior to Tailscale, I was the Open Source Lead at Twitter. Before that, I was at Google for 10 years, with most of that time spent in their Open Source Programs Office leading the engineering and license compliance groups. I had previously helped design and build the Google+ API, having spent much of my career working on developing tools and technologies for the social web like OpenID, OAuth, XRD, and Activity Streams. I also spent a number of years in the enterprise identity management space working on Shibboleth and LDAP directories at USC.

Almost all of my personal projects these days are indie web related, mostly written in go. I’m also a huge fan of WordPress and their mission to democratize publishing. Even though I no longer use WordPress for this site, I still manage other WordPress-powered site, and continue to maintain a number of plugins and occasionally contribute to WordPress core and WordPress for Android.


I can be contacted by email at will @ this domain or by phone at +1 (901) 484-9455. I’m “willnorris” on most sites and W6WJN on amateur radio. I’m not interested in hearing about job opportunities.


This site is powered by Hugo and Caddy, and hosted on Fly. All of my domains are registered with Porkbun (I still roll my eyes at the name, but they’re actually pretty good). Most images are proxied through my imageproxy server to handle simple things like dynamic resizing.