Will Norris

Hi, I’m Will Norris. I’m a follower of Jesus, a husband to Elisabeth Norris, a citizen of the indie web, and an engineer at Google. In that order.

At Google, I work in our Open Source Programs Office; we focus on keeping open source software flowing in and out of Google. Previously I was an engineer on the Google+ API, having spent much of my career working on developing tools and technologies for the indie web like OpenID, OAuth, XRD, and Activity Streams. I also spent a number of years in the identity management space hacking on Shibboleth and LDAP directories at USC. I’m a huge fan of WordPress, and continue to maintain a number of plugins and occasionally contribute to WordPress core and WordPress for Android.

I can be contacted by email at will @ this domain or by phone at +1 (901) 484-9455. Links to most of my online profiles can be found on my Google+ page.


This site is powered by WordPress using the Genesis Framework with a custom child theme and is hosted at Linode. All of my domains are registered with Gandi.


In case it’s not obvious, this is a personal website; I speak for myself, not any past or present employers. Unless specifically noted, none of my posts have been discussed with or reviewed by my employer prior to posting.