Notice of Content Licenses

This directory contains various content I’ve uploaded, primarily photos to embed in blog posts. This content comes from various sources, and therefore has various licensing restrictions.

I’ve attempted to identify the licenses for some of the content below.

File Source Author License
codercat.jpg GitHub Octodex Cameron McEfee, GitHub Octodex FAQ
gopher.png Renee French CC-BY 3.0
home-doormat.jpg Flickr Conor CC-BY 2.0
ghillied-up.jpg Flickr Devon Buchanan CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0
jetpack-kid.jpg Getty Images Andrew Rich Getty Royalty Free
rel-me-shirt.jpg Zazzle Zazzle / Tripleswag
indiewebcamp-sf-2014.jpg Flickr Aaron Parecki CC-BY 2.0
books.jpg Flickr az CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0
kindle.jpg Unsplash James Tarbotton CC0