Will Norris

Experienced engineering leader with 15+ years building products for developers and leading teams with a particular focus on open source.

Work Experience

Software Engineer
Open Source Lead
  • Re-established Twitter's Open Source Programs Office and recruited team of Technical Program Managers and Engineers to improve the health of open source at the company.
  • Responsible for open source strategy, advising engineering leadership on costs and value associated with open source, and how to engage with external communities.
  • Simplified policies and processes for contributing to external projects and releasing new projects. Provided dashboards for both individual contributors and engineering leaders to see how and where Twitter is contributing.
  • Improved policies and tooling for managing open source dependencies, with a focus on educating teams about responsibilities associated with using open source libraries.
  • Led requirement-setting, evaluation, and integration of vendor solution to address open source supply chain security.
Engineering Manager, Open Source Programs Office
  • Compliance and GitHub tooling teams
    • Maintained suite of tools (all written in Go) for CLA checking on all inbound open source contributions, license scanning of all open source code brought into Google, and automated review of all open source projects released from Google
    • Managed Google's presence on GitHub (~16,000 repos across 170 orgs), as well as Google's GitHub Enterprise Cloud agreement and rollout
    • Led design, development, and launch of Google Open Source website opensource.google and open source primer site opensource.dev
    • Successfully fought to publish Google's internal open source policies at opensource.google/docs and opensource.google/casebook
    • Co-founded TODO Group as a community of practice among corporate open source offices, now part of the Linux Foundation and nearly 100 members strong.
  • License compliance, Standards, and Legal Governance teams
    • Worked with legal and product teams across Google & Alphabet to ensure license compliance in all shipping products. Open source diligence for all acquisitions and divestitures
    • Helped manage open source foundation relationships for teams across Google, with a focus on programming languages and technical standards
    • Trained all new engineers, program managers, interns on open source policies
  • Previously managed outreach team
    • Ran student programs Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in
    • Managed $MM budget funding outreach programs, conference sponsorship, and foundation memberships
Software Engineer / Tech Lead, Open Source Programs Office
  • Led design and development of system to manage Contributor License Agreements
  • Setup Google's first account on GitHub and developed self-service management tools to grow GitHub presence to 170+ organizations
  • Developer and maintainer of google/go-github Go library for accessing GitHub API v3. Influenced the design of dozens (hundreds?) of other similar libraries
Developer Programs Engineer / Manager, Social / Google+
  • Manager and TL of developer relations engineering team, supporting Google Buzz and Google+ API, maintaining client libraries, API samples and documentation
  • Led design of Google+ APIs, based on work as co-author of Activity Streams (later developed into W3C Recommendation) and XRD specs.
Software Engineer (Contractor)
  • Added support for OpenID 2.0 to Shibboleth Identity Provider (funded by Internet Society grant)


Software Engineer
  • Lead developer on DiSo Project to develop a distributed social network on top of WordPress using open standards like OpenID, OAuth, and Activity Streams.
  • Maintained open source WordPress plugins for DiSo and Vidoop, and contributor to WordPress core
Developer Analyst, ITS Middleware
  • Member of Shibboleth (open source SAML package) core development team, focused on the Identity Provider
  • Administrator and maintainer of USC Shibboleth IdP and LDAP directories; worked with departments and outside vendors to integrate with university's identity management systems. Maintained tools to populate LDAP directory from various external systems of record.
  • Led integration and deployment of Google Apps for USC student body
Student Worker, IT Middleware
  • Rewrote university whitepages application, later adopted to replace the official site
  • Based on whitepages app, recruited to work on Shibboleth and identity management tools


Computer Science
Music Business
Computer Science

Just for Fun

Outside of work, I really like to make things. I continue to maintain and contribute to various open source software projects, but I'm also really drawn to physical projects, whether it's with wood, needle and thread, 3D printing, or a circuit board. Additionally, I serve as Secretary on the Board of Trustees for Visible Music College. I'm very active in my local CERT and amateur radio groups, as well as a leader in my son's Cub Scout pack.

Latest resume always available at willnorris.com/resume.