I’m happy to announce today that I’ve accepted a job at Google, working on the newly formed Social Web team. I will be joining fellow new-hires Joseph Smarr and Chris Messina, as well as a host of other incredibly talented engineers, in contributing to the emerging standards and growing developer community in this space.

Instead of the long contemplative post on how this move is the next logical step in a career of working in Identity Management, I’ll keep it short. I start work next Monday, February 1st, and I’m a bit pre-occupied this week with getting moved from Portland, Oregon down to Half Moon Bay, California.

I expect great things from our team in 2010, and so should you.

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Congratulations! I'm not a little jealous - the social web team at Google is shaping into a real powerhouse. It really sounds like good things are afoot.
Congrats, Will! Sorry we didn't connect much while you were here in Portland but I wish you all the best with Google. And Half Moon Bay? Awesome!

Congrats Will! I hope to keep working together - maybe now we can churn out some fantastic libraries!

If you live in Half Moon Bay you're in for a helluva commute ... but nice views :)

Congrats on the new job at Google. Google should consider putting together a viable social based photo sharing site. There is a huge opportunity here to put something spectacular together.


Glad I RSSed your blog. Great news! You can't go wrong with Google.. Hope you enjoy California. You sure have come a long way since Olive Branch, MS.

Stay well,

  • Joe
Asbed Bedrossian
Awesome news for the community, can't wait to see the fruits of your team's labor. In the meantime I hope Elizabeth puts up with the second round in the bay area... :)

Man, Google is really rounding up all the key players in Open Web, huh? Hope things go well for you (and us!) with the team you'll be working with.

Congratulations, and welcome (back) to the Bay Area (ish) :)

That's awesome since there are working the best of the best. ;-) Best Regards from Otto
Trying to make OpenID work here. Congrats on the Google job BTW, hopefully you can make the Wordpress OpenID plugin actually work with Blogger comments.